10 Health Benefits of Beer

Who doesn’t like to spend a sunny day on a beach with a can of beer? Well, it’s so rejuvenating and refreshing that it will really bring a feeling of being in the heaven. Mild tipsiness is what that brings this heavenly feeling. And everything around you seems euphoria.

But the disheartening part is that we are always advocated that alcohol is injurious to our health. It harms our body. It is bad for the liver. We should avoid intake of alcohol.

But to your surprise beer has many hidden health benefits too. Shocked to listen? But it is true. Beer is beneficial for our body if taken in a limited amount.

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The health benefits of beer are:

Reduces the possibility of heart disease

The soluble fiber present in the beer lowers the bad cholesterol, i.e., LDL present in the blood. A small amount of beer regularly increases the good cholesterol, i.e., HDL. It lessens the two main reasons of heart attack that are thickening of blood and hardening of arteries. It contains polyphenol antioxidants which are good for the heart. This is one of the surprising health benefits of beer.

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Helpful in reducing kidney stones

Research on health benefits of beer says that it contains water in a huge amount which helps in proper functioning of the kidneys. It helps in flushing of harmful toxic substances out of the body. It reduces the chances of dehydration which is one of the main causes of kidney stones. It reduces the release of calcium from the bones which in the course of time gets deposited in the kidneys to form stones.

Good for brain health

Intake of beer increases the growth of new cells in the brain. And therefore, reduces the chances of incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. It improves memory, reasoning power and concentration. Studies have revealed that it reduces the occurrence of brain problems by 23%. Isn’t it one of the amazing health benefits of beer?

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Prevents strokes

When you take a little beer, it prevents the chances of blood clots in the blood vessels, which causes ischemic stroke. A blood clot blocks the flow of blood in brain, neck and blood. Ischemic stroke blocks the artery to the brain. Beer makes the arteries flexible and improves the flow of blood in our body.

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Strengthens our bones

Silicon is found to increase the density of our bones, and it also increases the content of mineral in the bones. The beer has a high content of silicon and hence beneficial to health.

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However, we have to take care while taking beer on a regular basis. If we take beer in larger amounts, it will weaken our bones and may even lead to fractures of bones.

Prevents prostate cancer

The beer has a powerful antioxidant called xanthohumol which has properties to prevent cancer. Thus moderate intake of beer will help in preventing cancer. Also, beer reduces the chances of occurrence of breast cancer in females. This is among one of the amazing health benefits of beer for women. It also prevents the chemical reaction that may result in prostate cancer.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Moderate consumption of beer reduces the risks of diabetes. The insulin sensitivity in our body is increased by the consumption of beer, thus helps in protection from diabetes.

However, we should choose beer low in carbohydrate content. As beer is good, insoluble fiber content and hence forms a part of a good diet plan for the people suffering from diabetes.

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Prevents Alzheimer’s Risk

The most prominent cause of Alzheimer’s is the increase in the aluminum content in our body. The beer has a high amount of silicon content which protects our brain from the adverse effects of aluminum.

Better hydration

Beer, when taken, hydrates our skin from within. Drinking beer after workout rehydrates our body better than water. This is due to the carbonation in the beer.

health benefits of beer, surprising health benefits of beer, research on health benefits of beer, health benefits of beer for women

Removes dandruff

Due to the high content of yeast and vitamin B in it, beer it shows best results in the removal of dandruff. Rinse your hair with beer twice or thrice a week.

As it is rightly said, “Excess of everything is bad.” If we take beer in limited quantity, we will be in a position to reap medicinal benefits of it. But excess intake of beer may lead to harmful consequences.

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