10 Common Reasons for Husband and Wife Fight

Often we gaze at some couples and wonder whether they fight as they are so much in love with each other.

But the fact is, husband-wife and fights are like synonymous. They may be mad in love with each other, but of course, they spend some phase in their life when fighting is very common.

Forget about long-term fights; trust me, the regular fights for simple things are also very common in between all couples. And you will chuckle when you come to know the reasons for these fights.

Let’s find out some of the common reasons for husband and wife fight –

TV Remote

Hopefully, every day you fight with your husband to decide who is going to control the remote. It is a very common reason of each and every husband and wife fight.

reasons for husband and wife fight

WhatsApp Blue Tick

If your partner has already read the message but had not given reply instantly then surely you start fighting. Of course, this issue needs a fight. I, myself fought with my husband so many times for this reason. I don’t understand how come a person remains so busy that he cannot even text back that he is busy. How could he/she ignore the WhatsApp message of his/her spouse?

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reasons for husband and wife fight

Car Music

You love Hip-hop music, and his favourite is Melodious tunes. So, which music will be played? Don’t you think this issue deserves a fight?

reasons for husband and wife fight

Space in the Bed

While sleeping at night, your partner occupies the entire bed, and you need balancing at the edges. It happens with everyone and hopefully with you too (Yes, it happens with my hubby too, and he practices balancing!!).

reasons for husband and wife fight

Cleaning the Toilet

And the toilet cleaning issue..!! This problem will never get sorted in my family also. One of the most common reasons for husband and wife fight.

Switching off the lights

While sleeping at night who will switch off the light? After working for the whole day, none of you wants to get up and switch it off. And my issue is different. I am scared in the dark. It reminds me of the evil spirits. And hence, the fight continues.

reasons for husband and wife fight


Oops, sorry, mother-in-law, the most controversial topic. Better to keep silent.

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reasons for husband and wife fight

Using the Mirror

In the morning while going to the office, or while attending to any party who is going to get ready first in front of the mirror? This one is also very vital reason for your fighting with the partners. (I occupy the mirror as a matter of right!!)

reasons for husband and wife fight

Temperature of AC

One of the two partners shivers in cold while the other feels hot. I don’t understand why the shivering partner doesn’t use a blanket and let the spouse enjoy the cool room? Another common reasons for husband and wife fight.

reasons for husband and wife fight

Time Taken For Getting Ready

If you take too much time to get ready, it is the most common reason for the fights among the couples. In this case, mostly we, the wives are pointed as guilty. Don’t know why husbands need the mirror!! They can brush their hair with hand also..!!

At the end I must say to the husbands, please co-operate. You know you can’t win over your wife anytime, in any fight. So better surrender before everything goes out of hand.

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