10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

They say marriages are made in heaven. Even though the blissful feeling of getting married to your long-time sweetheart might seem to be a much-awaited and most exciting event of your life, marriages too come with its pros and cons. And if you’re planning to tie the knot sometime soon, then here’s a list of the changes that you will undoubtedly face in your life once you join the Married Men’s Club! Here is a list of 10 things only married men will understand.

No more flirting around with your ex-crushes

If you have spent quite a part of your bachelorhood expertizing the skills of flirting with your classmates and then colleagues, then it’s time to bid adios to this trait forever from your life.

10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

No more late night bro-parties and hangovers

If weekends to you were all about hanging out with your close buddies and partying all night, then weekends are about to bring a whole new dimension after marriage. Take a deep breath before you read this point, as the alternative options might not seem to be as awesome.

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Post-marriage weekends would generally involve cleaning your rooms, going grocery shopping, paying out your bills and clearing all other boring household duties.

10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

Your new party mates are probably your in-laws

Yes, you read that right. If you are married, you would probably realize how your friend circle quickly transformed into one consisting of your all your in-laws. You might have a lot of weddings, anniversaries, ceremonies and parties to attend, yet there is no reason to rejoice about it since the only known faces you find there are all of your in-laws!

10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

You can’t find half of your things at home, cause it has been misplaced by her

While few things like your phone, wallet and tees solely belonged to you before, marriages do take away the term ‘exclusive’ from your life. All your personal belongings now also belong to your wife, and so it’s difficult to locate them to places where you had left them.

10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

Your relationship with TV is just a sweet memory from the past

If you are married, you realize that the TV of the house solely belongs to your wife. Sports and movie channels change into serials and cook-shows. You won’t even dare to take the remote in your hands because you are well aware of its short duration of stay into them.

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10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

Now you are familiar with all the characters of the daily soaps

And the only times you get to watch TV are the times your wife enjoys her daily soaps. Now you are familiar with all the saas-bahu characters whom you never knew before, and you can even guess who’s going to murder whom in the next plot.

10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

Shopping is no more an option; it’s a Compulsion

Even if you feel sick and tired of it, there’s no way out. You are already accustomed to accompanying your wife to shopping every time even when she has nothing to buy. Also, you have gradually adapted to the depressing moments when your wallet goes through a drastic weight-loss every time you go shopping.

10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

You have a L-o-n-g list of birthday and anniversary reminders

While previously you couldn’t remember your own sister’s birthday, now there’s a long list of dates to remember which you are forbidden to forget. These dates include birthdays of your bros-in-law, sisters-in-law, uncles-in-law, aunties-in-law, great grandfather-in-law and the list goes on.

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10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

Your extravagant life is almost over. You concentrate more on savings

Now this newly developed trait in you makes you realize how times have changed and for the good. It doesn’t make you feel sorry but hints you that you have actually grown up.

10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

Your new best friend is your co-brother-in-law

You feel he’s your soul brother during all social gatherings, as you both share the same relatives-in-law. You also get to bitch about someone you don’t like in the family, cause deep inside you know no one would feel the same way as you unless it’s him!

10 Things Only Married Men Will Understand

Are the married men feeling the same way what I do? Yes, I saw all the married men having this life-style. So the bachelor people out there, think before you tie the knot with your lady love.

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