10 Things We Indians Have To Stop Doing

We all have that one parent or a relative who badger you on doing things a certain way, even if it makes absolutely no sense to you, or to them. Things may have been quite different in the old age, but with the mentality of the general public changing, it is advisable that one lets go of those hard habits too, to spare your dignity at the least.

Copy Neighbors:


Many can vouch for this. It is not right to send your kid to do engineering or medicine because the neighbor’s kid has an interest in the field. Instead of spying on what others are doing or what the society thinks it’s right, allow your child to play the field.

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International Brand:


Many people are buying and using foreign and international brands because it probably makes them cool in front of their few friends. What they don’t realize is how much the Indian economy is affected because of it.

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Gossip and Judging People:


When a girl has a best friend who is a boy, it’s not the end of the world. If they say they are just friends, they probably are. So stop judging girls and boys by the friend he/she keeps. Also people should stop gossiping on the back of others.

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Parent’s Duty:

parents duty

Some parents try to control their child’s life, even when they have gotten married and moved to another house. It not only spoils your happiness, but it also spoils theirs too.

Right Age for Marriage:


The right age for marriage is when the person is ready for it. Their mental growth depends on their readiness to commitment. It doesn’t happen when they turn 24 or 25.

Job Hunting Abroad:


Getting a job in India is every bit as good as abroad. The reason why foreign companies are calling us is because of our hard working nature. So, support Indian companies.

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Public Exploitation:


Spitting and peeing on public roads, smoking in public and non-smoking areas, graffiti or public walls and littering on the roads are definitely not the right way to improve India.

Respect Women:


It is common to find girl child killing practices or not sending them to school or work, still at large. Have a heart and support feminism.

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Sex Is Not A Taboo:


The censor board is going to extremes to prevent the children in learning about sex that they even censor the word sex in movies. The most that they are doing is increasing the curiosity in the young minds, not suppressing it.

Rape Is Not Just A Misunderstanding:


India is one country where sex is treated as just something that happens every day because it is happening every day. If one is so keen on copying the foreigners, they can do well to copy some places like China and Dubai, who castrate the rapists, not receive bribes and bail them out.

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When it comes to Indian parenting, it is widely known that we dote on our children and control their everyday routine indirectly, even if they are way across the country, or even in another one! It’s time we changed that.

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