10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Has this ever happened to you that you are unable to sleep till 3 am, or 4 am in the morning and spending sleepless nights staring at the ceiling, getting uncomfortable while forcefully closing the eyes? If you face this problem quite often, then maybe you are suffering from insomnia.

Don’t get worried. Insomnia is not exactly a disease but mainly a disorder that almost 30-40 percent of the population suffers from each year.

Also, different people have different symptoms of Insomnia as they have different sleeping habits and routines. Normally an adult needs about 8 hours sleep daily. But some may need sleep more than 8 hours while others may get relaxed only after 6 hours of sleep.

Problems that may arise due to Insomnia

Insomnia can be a first step to many of the serious ailments. If you are trying to ignore the symptoms of insomnia, then maybe you are inviting some of the most serious diseases that can be devastating to your health.

Some of the very common diseases that you may get affected due to the condition of Insomnia are:

  • Various kinds of heart diseases or you may also get a heart attack,
  • Ulcers, that is quite common in people who don’t pay much head to sleep,
  • Constipation is again one such problem that may arise due to Insomnia. If you are not sleeping properly, your intestines and other systems don’t work properly and hence your digestion gets troublesome.
  • Depression is also a problem that may arise. Due to non-availability of proper sleep, your brain nerves get into trouble, causing depression and mood swings.
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It has been researched and proven that people with chronic Insomnia often have three times more chances to die early than people who have a good sleep at nights without any trouble.

10 best solutions that may help you to get rid of Insomnia

Though sometimes people with chronic Insomnia may need medical help, but also there are some ways, that can help you in getting a good night sleep.

Taking a break

Have you ever heard that people can get tired of sleeping? Yes, they can. When you are forcefully making your system go to sleep but still you are wide-awake, then such a situation may arise. The best way is to take a break. Get up from your bed, take a walk in the lawn, listen to some soft music, or even you can browse out some of books or magazines. Meanwhile do not forget to keep the lights dim. You will not believe, but this method actually works in getting you back to sleep soon.

10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Not thinking anything while sleeping

If you allow your brains to work, then they will work at midnight also. So, the best way is that, don’t think about anything while you are sleeping. Often people who are under stress or depressed unintentionally start thinking about various things and this may disrupt their sleep. Try to close your eyes, put a soft music and try to sleep with the tune as a lullaby.

10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Removing the clock

If you keep on looking at the time, you will get more conscious about why are not able to sleep and ultimately you will land up waking up the whole night. Remove any clock from your sight so that you cannot check out the time.

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10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Relaxation techniques

If you are relaxed, you will automatically get a good sleep. After a tiring day, you can get some relaxation by practicing some habits that can actually work for you.

  • Taking a warm shower,
  • Dipping your feet in warm water and Epsom salt,
  • Oiling and massaging your head and shoulders,
  • Practicing meditations,
  • Drinking warm milk or warm water before sleeping

10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Control temperature of the room

Many people nowadays have a habit of sleeping in air conditioners. It is very much important that the temperature of the room should be moderate. It should not be too chilled and also not too warm. This can actually disturb your sleep to quite an extent.

10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Eliminating lights

Lights can also be a barrier for your sleep. Many people do not eliminate the lights due to their own reasons such as security. But lights will not let you have a comfortable sleep. So, if you are unable to eliminate the lights, then at least dim down your lights.

10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Wandering somewhere else

This method works for almost 99%. In place of thinking about what you have to do tomorrow at the office, or some other things, try to take your mind somewhere else far from the real life. Think that you are at some place where you have green lushes and beautiful swans are sailing in a nearby water lake. Imagine something that you are in love with, some story that you have read or a movie that you have seen. Sleep will automatically take you to a dreamland, and you will have a great sleep.

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10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Maintaining a routine

If you do a particular thing continuously for a few days at a same time, then your brain will get habituated to it and the 8th day, it will automatically do that work. So, try to maintain a fixed time for your sleep. You will find that after a few days, you do not have to force yourself to sleep; you will automatically fall asleep at the fixed time.

10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Sex: Though this may not work for all, but for married couples, this can really work wonder. Sex is something that will relax you and so ultimately, you will fall asleep.

10 Tips to Get Relief from Sleepless Nights

Remove your mobile phone: Gadgets are both good and also harmful for human beings. It helps you in a number of works but at the same time, it can cause difficulties for your health. The best way that you can do is to remove all the gadgets and shut down all the electrical items such as television, phone and others at least one hour before your sleep. This can allow you to sleep properly at your bedtime.

Remove your mobile phone

These are some of the best practices, which can help you in getting a good sleep at night. But if you find these tips are not working for you, then it is advised to consult a doctor. Taking sleeping pills without consulting a doctor is really dangerous.

Try to live a healthy life with proper sleep to get the most out of yourself.

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