11 Reasons to Date a Journalist

They can sweep you off your feet with their intellect, they can bring smile on your face in a flash with their impeccable sense of humour, they can surprise you by asking for dinner at 2 am at night, they can trouble you vehemently once you mess up with them. From stupendous intellect to influential connections, they have it all. Yes, journalists certainly possess all those features and also stand out amongst others as the profession requires a diverse spectrum of skills and thought-process as a whole.

Reasons to Date a Journalist

Although a hardcore journalist does not resemble the “prince charming” with the stereotypic trait of proposing a girl with a red rose by getting down on his knees (as per a girl’s imaginations), but there are numerous reasons which make them completely eligible to dip in the pool of love and romance. Here are 11 such reasons to date a journalist:


Journalists are dependable

With having loads of experience with an eclectic range of information and situations, journalists always have a specific solution to your issues. They can assess situations to perfection and can take you out of your problems with their strategically devised ideas.

Reasons to Date a Journalist

Journalists are intellectual

They excavate the hidden tales of society and of course it is never a cake-walk for them at all. They are born with the special elements of sagacity and percipience which is surely a turn on for any woman in the world.

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Reasons to Date a Journalist

Journalists like being independent and understand the necessity of having space

Restrictions, obstructions, no, don’t and such others – Journalists just hate such words and everything which impede their freedom. They will never ever ask you to be in touch with them for 24*7 and will always give you the space you need for your privacy.

Reasons to Date a Journalist


Journalists are creative

From the catchy headlines of their news stories they formulate to the jaw-dropping twists they envisage, they are always creating something out of the blue. Whether they send you a text message or ask you to dinner, it will blow your mind for sure.

Reasons to Date a Journalist

Journalists are experts at time-management

They are habituated to working under strict deadlines and as such they can manage all their chores within a specific period of time with ease. Be sure of the fact that you will never have to wait if you both have a planned a meeting or anything like that. They value the importance of time and always remain punctual to it.

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Reasons to Date a Journalist

Journalists are knowledgeable

They are well-informed people and know something of everything and everything of something. From the slump in the Sensex to the upcoming music album of Justin Timberlake, they are aware of almost all the happenings across the globe.

Reasons to Date a Journalist


Journalists are adventurous

They always remain in search of stories and thereby like to explore destinations about which normal people may not imagine even. They quite often look to have new experiences and never get bored of trying something new. Thus planning a holiday with them is an absolute treat, as they always go for something out of the box.

Reasons to Date a Journalist

Journalists are great listeners

A vast portion of their job is about listening to people. Thus, you can talk anything, and everything with them and they will listen with all their attention. Now, is it not that special quality you were looking for quite long?

Reasons to Date a Journalist

Journalists are passionate

Professionally, journalists always look for spectacular stories with intense passion and the quality of being passionate gradually blends with their nature. Be it cooking a luscious lunch as a surprise or making love with you on the bed, they are passionate in almost everything they do.

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Reasons to Date a Journalist

Journalists are powerful

Be it any political giant of the city, the superintendent of police of the district or the managing director of the multi-national company you work at, they are linked up with everybody. They deal with all kinds of people on a regular basis and as such have numerous potential connections. They can badly screw up if someone tries to peeve them with intolerable presumptions.

Reasons to Date a Journalist


Journalists accept ‘the different’ with wisdom

Journalists write news stories which receive both positive as well as negative opinions. Thus, they know it well that perspectives do vary from person to person. As such, they always accept your things (even if those differ from their thought process) and never force their views on you.

Reasons to Date a Journalist

If you are dating any journalist now, then it is definitely a chance for you to look for a long-term relationship. If you agree with my views, then do share your ideas and opinions.

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