11 things about iOS 11

iOS 11Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, iOS is about to receive a major update. iOS 11 will be available worldwide on 19t September, 2017 onwards. Here are 11 things about iOS 11 that are worth knowing about.

You can get iOS 11 right now

You do not need to wait to get iOS 11. The public beta is available already. Also, a public beta for tvOS is also available.

Control Center

Control center receives a major overhaul in iOS 11. the new version reverts to a one-page design, meaning you no longer have to swipe left or right just to reach the set of controls you need. All the controls are neatly grouped in a single page.

Clearer Notifications

The lock screen always shows notifications and you can swipe up to show older ones. The notification UI is also tweaked, making them much clearer.


Messages has received some minor tweaks, making it easier to access sticker. The app drawer has also been redesigned. Backup of messages in iCloud has also improved.

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Person-to-person Apple Pay

You can now use Apple Pay to send money to your friends over the iMessage system in iOS 11.

A new App Store

The App Store also got a major redesign. The UI takes cues from the 2016 Music app redesign. The app opens on the Today page, which includes a new app of the day and a new game of the day, a list of themed apps that changes each day, stories about developers, and tips on how to use certain apps.

Photos and Camera

Videos will use the HEVC codec, the successor to H.264. Images, now, no longer shoot in JPEG, but in a new High Efficiency Image Format or HEIF – pronounced ‘heef’. These will result in images and videos of smaller size, even though the quality is still intact.

Machine learning for Photos and Videos

iOS 11 can now recognize scenes, thanks to machine learning introduced in iOS 10. This has further improved in iOS 11. This enables you to search for sporting events, outdoor activities, ‘night out’, weddings, and many more events.

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Improvements in Music

Apple announced a new Music Connect Service along with the iOS 11. With an Apple music subscription, you can further see what your friends are listening to, or you can curate your own music. This feature at last puts your customizable Apple Music profile to more use than just for the attribution of your comments on artists’ posts. You can set your profile to be private or public, choose which playlists are shared with friends, and you and your friends’ chosen profile pictures are displayed as attribution on items in the aforementioned row in For You.

Find location Indoors

Maps in iOS 11 now offers maps indoors. So, now you will not get lost in shopping malls. Maps are added for different floors of large multi-storied public places.

Do not disturb while driving

A final improvement comes to the driving mode. Apple’s Carplay in iOS 11 now supports the Do Not Disturb feature. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your car or, if your car doesn’t have that, it employs your iOS device’s Wi-Fi to detect the Doppler effect and determine that you’re moving in a car. Your device then asks if you’d like to enable Do Not Disturb While Driving. If you accept, your device’s screen goes black and notifications won’t flash up on its screen.

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