11 Ways to Get Healthy Smile Naturally

A Beautiful smile is an indicator of an attractive personality. Whenever we look at a person, a smile is the first thing which drags our attention.

It is very important to have a healthy and attractive smile in order to have an impressive personality.

Good oral health ensures a lovely smile.

Here I will discuss some tips that really work to get healthy smile naturally using natural ingredients:


It is also known as oil pulling. It is a very old Ayurvedic practice to avoid tooth decay and strengthens gums, jaws and teeth. It draws bacteria out of your mouth and keeps the gums healthy.

Oil pulling detoxifies and cleanses the body and maintains oral hygiene and overall health. Practicing it regularly brightens up your teeth. It can be done using coconut oil also.

Caution– Do not swallow or gargle the oil.

Get Healthy Smile Naturally


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that protect gums and teeth from bacterial infections. It prevents gingivitis and also prevents plaque. It helps to keep gums healthy and maintain oral hygiene.

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Get Healthy Smile Naturally

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Amla is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients which are good for teeth and gums. It promotes oral health, supports the health of connective tissue, throws out bacteria from the mouth and prevents decaying of tooth and cavities. It also helps in preventing bad breath.

Get Healthy Smile Naturally

Guava leaves

Guava leaves are very effective in treating periodontal disease. It acts as an excellent antimicrobial, antioxidant and antiplaque agent. It helps in maintaining oral hygiene by keeping the teeth and gums strong. We breathe fresh and clean.

Get Healthy Smile Naturally


It has antibacterial properties which destroy bacteria which causes plaque, cavities, gum diseases, and gingivitis. It helps in maintaining better oral health and hygiene.

Get Healthy Smile Naturally

Green tea

Green tea is a rich source of natural fluoride, polyphenols, and catechins. They are capable of destroying the bacteria causing tooth decay, gum diseases, and cavities. They also prevent bad breath. It must be taken every day to keep the dental problems away.

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Get Healthy Smile Naturally

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Basil acts as an excellent oral disinfectant and is also used as a mouth freshener. It kicks out the germs and bacteria causing tooth decay, cavities, and gum problems. It also removes plaque and bad breath. The astringent property present in it helps the gum to hold the teeth tight and prevents them from falling.

Get Healthy Smile Naturally


Antibacterial and antiseptic properties of peppermint help in maintaining oral health and hygiene and keep the teeth and gums healthy. Peppermint is also used in toothpaste because they are very effective in curing oral problems.

Get Healthy Smile Naturally

Baking soda and lemon

The combination of baking soda and lemon is one of the most effective teeth whitening remedies at home. Brushing with this solution once a week will brighten up your smile. The chemical reaction between citrus juice of a lemon and baking soda helps to wear away the enamel if are used too frequently. If irritation occurs, then discontinue the use.

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Get Healthy Smile Naturally


Salt is also a very effective natural ingredient in oral problems. It keeps the teeth and gum strong. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties restrict the growth of bacteria in our mouth.

Get Healthy Smile Naturally

Drink using a straw

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Beverages like tea, coffee, wine, soda and cold drinks can cause serious damage to the tooth enamel. So it is advisable to use a straw for their intake to prevent their direct exposure to our teeth, whenever possible.

Following the tips mentioned, you can get healthy smile naturally at home. If you know some other home based solutions then just share with us.

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