13 Essential Beauty Tips for Summer

If you have caught a farmer’s tan or your heels are rough around edges, and if you have forgotten what good hair days feel like check out these summer beauty hacks which can reverse your days and prevent future summer craziness. It is time to flaunt your gorgeous back; keep it moving on as the final lap of summer approaches.

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Easy Aftershave

Don’t you hate it after shaving your legs when they look like you have walked through a forest. Dust some baby powder on the shaved legs for preventing irritation or chafing.

Beauty Tips for Summer

Retain Your Color

Salt water, chlorine and of course sun can seriously damage the hair color. Perk up the locks and extend the life of the colors by spraying apple cider vinegar onto your hair before having fun in the sun.

Beauty Tips for Summer

Baking Soda Rescue

Be it for the extra shine for your hair or a powerful exfoliant to remove self-tanner and unclog pores as well as blackheads,  baking soda can be your favorite beauty product in summer.

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Beauty Tips for Summer

AloeVera Hack

The worst disaster summer gifts are unwanted sunburns. Before getting one throw on some aloe vera gel on the ice cube trays to freeze. The chill it gives is soothing on the nasty burnt area or prone to burn. Moreover, it prevents peeling. You may freeze and store them in Ziploc packs to keep them cooler. Using aloe vera from the store or squeezed from the leaves of aloe plant works absolutely fine. You may also treat the sunburns on rubbing self-made aloe vera ice cubes.

Beauty Tips for Summer

Shave Less

As summer sets in it indicates more exposure and more shaving. You’d want to skip shaving for a day or more, so try a blend of sugar,  lemon with water for the natural concoction which slows the hair growth.

Beauty Tips for Summer

Frizz Control

Coconut oil could be your best friend is summer. Wondering why? For multitude of reasons, one includes frizz control. Mix equal parts of coconut oil to avocado oil and spritz to the ends of hair for keeping it moisturized even on the hottest days.

Beauty Tips for Summer

Fix awkward Tan Lines

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Fix the ugly tan lines in a minute by simply applying your moisturizer to the tanned area. Then take a makeup sponge and apply the self-tanner to those white lines. Ensure that you blend the shades evenly on the pale skin for the sneaky tan disguise.

Beauty Tips for Summer

Sunburn Remedy Overnight

Sun block lovers can also forget to reapply or might miss an area and thereby end up having a red spot with pain. Create a Do It Yourself natural sunburn hack using coconut oil and apple cider vinegar to give the skin its much awaited TLC.

Beauty Tips for Summer

Keep those Blisters at bay

Get rid of Band-Aids on toes as you rock a pretty pair of sandal you bought for summer. Rub your toes and ankles with deodorant (I repeat, deodorant!). This antiperspirant kicks away the moisture as well as friction saying bye-bye to those blisters that kept coming back.

Beauty Tips for Summer

Get a secret beauty glow

Beauty Tips for Summer

For summer parties get a subtle glow easily by adding on some dashes of your shimmer eye shadow with your lotion. For best results, store the lotion in the fridge for the instant and additional cooling effect. Blend the mixture all over or just dab it on here and there and you are set to rock the party.

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Time to embrace the dry shampoos

Beauty Tips for Summer

Spray roots of your hair using a dry shampoo specifically at night (NOT  during the daytime). Tossing and turning for hours at night circulates it all over your head, and you wake up with fascinating bouncy strands that appear to be freshly washed.

Fight open shoe issues

Beauty Tips for Summer

Those sexy Open-soled shoes possess their cons too, specifically heels got so dry and cracked on wearing them for a long time. No biggie, slice a raw potato (into halves), dip that in sea salt. Make use of this to rub the callused, rough skin on the feet for your next smooth venture.

Fix Morning Eyes after a late night summer party

Beauty Tips for Summer

Waking up and seeing those puffy eyes give a daily headache. Keep a spoon in your freezer every night and hold it under or over your eyelids to reduce puffiness and inflammation. Frozen tea bags or cucumbers work well too. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels thus when applied to the under-eye area, de-puffs it.

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