13 Photography Tricks to Take Perfect Selfies

Nowadays our lives revolve around- Eat->Sleep->Work->Take Perfect Selfies. Yes, most of us are now obsessed with clicking perfect selfies every now and then. And once a selfie turns out flattering enough, the next step is to immediately upload them on to all the social networking sites. But this isn’t as simple as it seems. As the legendary quote goes, behind every successful selfie, there are 99 failed and deleted shots! Blame the camera, blame the light or blame your poor fate of being non-photogenic; we all keep experiencing such pathos in our daily lives.

But the great news is, being photogenic is in everyone’s hand! All you got to learn are some simple photography tricks that will bring out perfect selfies in single clicks. So try them out before you try out your next selfie and then thank us later.

Select a Proper Angle for perfect selfies

Perfect selfieInstead of holding the camera like a mirror, hold it slightly higher above your head from the top-right or top-left corner such that your face points downwards. Placing your face right in the centre of the frame would only make it look like a photo for your id card. Also, do not hold it right above your head, as that would tell people that you have a BIG forehead. This is the first tip that can help you to get a perfect selfie.

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Capture Your “Good Side”

perfect selfie
Figure out which side of you looks better and try clicking on that side. Your “good side” of the face should look balanced and symmetrical. Scientific studies have revealed that the left side of the face is usually more attractive for getting perfect selfies. So first of all take several selfies to find out your good side. Then as you find it, you can take more selfies confidently.

Position Your Face to get perfect selfies

perfect selfie
Bring your face a little forward while clicking selfies. This will accentuate your jawline. Do not keep your face close to your neck as that might show up a double chin which will make your face look fat and round. Even if you have a double chin, you will be able to hide it by this method.

Take photos seated and have perfect selfies

perfect selfie
Get clicked from a higher position while you are seated. It makes the body look slimmer and balanced. Also, make sure that you bend your head a little so that it doesn’t look like a turkey head.

Stand in the Light

perfect selfie
The equation goes like Gorgeous lighting=More flattering selfie. Outdoor selfies seem to look effortlessly prettier during day-time while indoor selfies would take the perfect image under bright lightings. Ideally, the best timings to shoot are during the magic hours, that is, one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.

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Bring out a Proper Expression

perfect selfie
Some find it real hard to bring out an appropriate facial expression while getting clicked and eventually end up with some weird expressions. The trick is to not be over-conscious. For this, you may try out different poses looking at different directions rather than straight into the camera. To bring in a relaxed smile, close your eyes before the picture is taken and open them slowly before the shutter clicks.

Put on a Natural Smile to get perfect selfies

perfect selfie
Forget “cheese”, try thinking about something good or funny. This will help you put up a natural smile effortlessly on every picture. You may also practise smiling in front of the mirror and gradually you will figure out which one looks best on you.

Put on a Bright Lipstick for perfect selfies

perfect selfie
A bright lip colour can add an instant glam effect to your selfies. Coloured or glossy lips are said to make photos look more beautiful than plain colourless ones.

Check Background

perfect selfie
Look out for a proper background for your selfies. Colourful or textured walls can definitely add a spark to the pictures. A green sunlit background out in the garden can make your selfies 100 times better than a dull and boring background.

Add a Cool Prop and have perfect selfies

perfect selfie
Instead of posing with a plain smile, try out new expressions. If you find difficulty in posing, take some easy props, like a flower in your hand, put on shades or a bright hat or simply pout!

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Change Camera Mode

perfect selfie
Clicking all selfies in the same default mode is boring. For a change, try out different modes like monochrome or sepia when there’s nothing interesting in the background. Such effects can immediately spark up a dull selfie.

Click multiple shots and sort out perfect selfies

perfect selfie
While you are posing, it is suggested to click 4-5 shots at one go. In this process, you get more pictures to choose from. Now, keep the best and delete the rest!

Join Group Selfies

perfect selfie
Studies have shown that people feel more comfortable in a group photo rather than in singles. It is easier to put on a natural smile when posing with someone else in the same frame. So before clicking, take a friend beside you, or click group selfies, and you will never end up with weird expressions again.

With these simple tricks, you can master the art of taking good selfies in just a few shots. All you got to do is be confident and have fun. And then watch your selfies turn from simple to sensational!

Source- 7 ways to take great selfies

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