15 Steps on How to Impress a Girl?

Are you trying to date a woman since long but can’t impress her? In case that you can’t, I no longer need to tell you that it can be quite a bit of a challenge to impress a woman. Women are intuitive in nature, so it is hard for you to play your tricks with her. Also, mostly women are much sensitive than the men; hence, you always need to be aware of what you are saying.

Women are sometimes Mysterious; this is exactly why you are reading this post because you seldom get to know if you have managed to charm her. But your lady love can be the most loyal and passionate if you try some simple tricks and win over her heart.

Steps to winning over a woman you want to date:

Before you enter the dating zone head on, it is important that you know a few things about the Woman. This will help you sail smoothly through the dates and build a healthy and passionate relationship with her. Some of these steps include-

Step 1#

How to Impress a Girl

Respond to her. It is very hard to receive attention from a woman possesses strong personality and in case that she is giving you some, you need to reciprocate. Ignoring her or taking her for granted is not an option you would want to choose.

Step 2#

How to Impress a Girl

Speak, but, think and speak. A woman may look like the tough one, but trust me; they are more sensitive than you boys are. The tough exterior is only a facade, which she is using to hide her vulnerable heart.

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Step 3#

How to Impress a Girl

Dates are a great idea. The woman likes it classy. When inviting her on a date, make sure you have arranged things to their classiest possible self. If you are thinking dinner, make sure there is a well-decorated table, with different menus that she likes. But if she is a health freak, then please select the menus accordingly so that she feels that you support her in her every step.

Step 4#

How to Impress a Girl

You make sure that you do not want to criticize any of her friends. Most of the girls love to choose her friends carefully and only confides in a few. In case you were just about to criticize her best friend, then you should better swallow back on your words right now. Swallow!!! Swallow!!!

Step 5#

How to Impress a Girl

Do not be stupid enough to hurt her. A woman when hurt can hurt you back hundred times more. She will make sure that you go through the same pain that she is going through. So always stay aware so that you won’t hurt her. Try to make her happy as much as you can. She will definitely return more than whatever you give her.

Step 6#

How to Impress a Girl

It is vital that you take her seriously. Some girls do not speak just because she has something to say, but because she means to say something.  So listen to what she says carefully. Give your comment after she completes her words.

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Step 7#

How to Impress a Girl

Do not take her for granted. If you take her for granted, she will show you how it is rightly done.

Step 8#

How to Impress a Girl

Don’t ask her for sex in your first meet. This will convey a bad signal to your lady love. Give some time. Once you come close to each other, and you decide to vow in front of God to stay with each other for your entire life, and then everything will come on your way easily.

Step 9#

How to Impress a Girl

This is the most important step if you want to impress her. Yes, you need to love her a lot. No matter what comes your way, you need to give your 100% to make her feel that you love her.

Step 10#

How to Impress a Girl

Look at her eyes. I agree that it is hard to look at the eyes of a beautiful girl. You may feel tempted to look her from top to bottom. But trust me, you will simply look creepy if you stare at somewhere else when she is telling you how important her dad is to her.

Step 11#

How to Impress a Girl

Staying well groomed is another factor that helps in impressing a girl. Shaggy hair and even a little hint of body odour are enough to give a bad impression to a girl. If you always look good and smell good, then definitely few steps ahead in the arena. If you care about the looks of a girl and want her to stay well groomed every time you meet, then why won’t she look for the same in you?

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Step 12#

How to Impress a Girl

Every girl wants a partner who is social. If you are good humoured, can talk with all despite gender and age, then try to impress your girl by being friendly with her social circle and her relatives. But don’t get too friendly with her bestie!!

Step 13#

How to Impress a Girl

A great way to impress a girl is by ignoring your phone calls when you are with your lady love. Answering a call or sending texts to someone else in the middle of a conversation is totally uncivil and shows her that you are ignoring her.

Step 14#

How to Impress a Girl

Always compliment her looks. Every girl wants her man to compliment, be it for her eyes, or for her dress. But don’t utter the common old words, like “cool jacket” or something like that. Say her that you like her dress, or she is looking gorgeous in the particular dress. Your compliment will make her feel special, and she will understand that you are being attracted by her.

Step 15#

How to Impress a Girl

All women enjoy being asked for advice. So next time you meet her, ask for some advice. It will make herself feel important to you.

Respect her, her virtues and principles and you will forever be the king of her kingdom. Every woman is seeking for commitment and passion. Give them to her and she will be yours forever.

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