5 things your baby does, will make you laugh out loud!

Babies are adorable, aren’t they? Their innocent eyes, their toothless smiles, their beguiling gestures can melt a stone. Watching your baby grow up is one of the most beautiful and treasured experiences.

As a mother of a one-year-old baby, I can say that everyday something new is happening in every baby – some change, some development, some learning, some growth. And these new changes manifest in the form of some new activities that they begin to perform. Some of these activities are milestones defined for their own growth and development. Such as, rolling onto her tummy, flipping back, able to hold up the head, sit in a tripod position, developing pincer grip, losing tongue thrust, crawl, stand with and without the support and many more. It is a delightful journey for the baby and the world around her.

It this amazing to be an interactive audience on this beautiful journey. I would do anything to not miss a single moment of this journey, but honestly speaking it is not humanly possible to keep an eye on your baby at all times. You may be working outside or inside home, your heart will always be with your baby but not your eyes. Even then, there are these moments which your eyes can’t fail to miss.

In my experience, I came across these absolutely adorable, oozing-cuteness moments which made me capture them forever in my memory. I must admit that I wasn’t able to capture them on the lense, but no regrets because memory lasts longer than lense. The reason why I thought of penning them down for you to read is so that you are ready for them when they come your way and bask in those moments of abysmal pleasure.

Getting high on milk

When my baby was just born she had some issues with latching. So I fed her milk from a cup and spoon. The tiny bundle that she was, a few spoonfuls would be enough to fill her stomach. So on the penultimate spoon, her eyes grew wide and her mouth became loose. Initially, I wondered what that meant but before I could ask the paed, I was able to solve the mystery. It was my baby’s way of saying that she has had enough milk and needs to sleep. Her body slackened and in no time the little wriggling baby would be fast asleep. It used to make me laugh thinking how funny things are with little babies. My husband and I used to laugh said that, she was getting a “milky high”. This phase lasted a few weeks.

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Hair pulling

When my baby was two months old, she learned a new trick to draw attention. Just joking! Babies of this age do not know how to manipulate and they just draw attention when they need to. Her tiny hands were drawn into fists most of the time. Whenever I tried to open those little fists, I would find a few strands of baby hair in them. So here was the reason. She throws up her hands by the side of her head and when her hands touched her hair (she was born with a headful of curly, silky hair) she tried to grasp them. Once she grasped her own hair, she couldn’t free her hand from her own hair and started pulling her hair with all the might a two-month-old has. The result – a wailing baby! I couldn’t decide whether I should first have a good laugh, or should I try to pacify her or disentangle her hands from her hair.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A little before the fourth month, was when my baby started smiling at her own view in front of the mirror. At the first sight she immediately turned away her face and then skeptically, slowly with a lot of exercised caution she looked back at her own image in the mirror. Then her face broke into a marvelous shy smile. “Shy”, yes, she felt shy looking at herself on the mirror but her gaze caught the gaze of the “other baby” inside the mirror, and these adorable babies smiled back at each other shyly. It was hilarious! I used to think that she was starting to recognize herself in the mirror till I read an article that said that babies start recognizing the mirror image as their own, only as late as eighteen months. They also justified this astonishing fact with psychological studies. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

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Press the button

Then came the time when my baby could sit up. It happened around the fifth month. For some babies, it could be later than this. Not to worry! When she learned to sit up several parts of her lower body were better visible to her. Her toes, her legs and most importantly her little round belly. It was summertime and after an oil massage or just after a bath, I just let her be herself in her native form – without clothes. She started eyeing her own stomach as though she saw it for the first time and obviously she didn’t know that it belonged to her. Because she patted her stomach loudly with both her hands till it hurt her when she stopped. What intrigued her most was her own belly button. She tried very hard with as much concentration required to perform a surgery to bring her fingers close to that slightly protruding object on her belly and then the operation started with her pressing the spot. It was hilarious. I hid behind the bed rail to watch her do these antics, not wanting to miss any of these moments. If I showed up, she got distracted and let go of her surgery.

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A handful of sunlight

One of these “funny” moments in actually a really beautiful one. It makes us realize that things that can be “felt” are priceless and so desirable. It was around the ninth month of my baby when she was playing on the bed one day. It was around eight in the morning and that was when the winter sun-streaked inside our room and fell on our bed. As I removed the curtains, she left her toys and started crawling towards a particular spot on the bed where a bright pool of sunlight fell. She was extremely happy to see that. Her eyes shone in delight and she looked up at me to express what an amazing discovery she has made. She tried multiple times to catch the spot of sunlight but her hands touched nothing but the bedsheet. She tried this multiple times till she realized the spot fell on her hand too when she passed her hand over that place. She looked up and saw the beam of light streaking in. What she tried to do next was catch the beam as if it were a thing, a rod maybe. Her hands passed through thin air and after several futile attempts she gave up.

Children teach us many things. One of them being, simplicity. Our lives have become so complicated, that we have lost our mindfulness. We have lost our ability to even notice small things, forget being happy. It’s an important lesson for all of us. Even if I can’t all of a sudden start appreciating the simple joys of living, I’m definitely trying not to miss my child’s reaction to them as she experiences them for the first time. For me it’s like growing up the second time, seeing things through the lens of my child’s eyes.

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