50 Interesting Facts about Christmas Day

Christmas Day has a special significance in everybody’s life. Festive cheer is the only word around, in the month of December. Here are 50 Interesting facts about Christmas that are going to blow your mind:

1. The guerrilla marketing situation:

The Columbian Government won over the hearts of terrorists and made them leave arms with the Christmas spirit. They lit up the forest trees with light, making terrorists return to mainstream life.

2. The World War Debt:

 Norwegians, donate money to the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, in lieu of the help and assistance that was provided to them during the world war by the people of London.

3. The Nazi Effect:

They forcibly tried turning Christmas day into a non-religious holiday, connecting it to the arrival of Hitler, with a swastika, and Saint Nicholas replaced by Odin.

4. The beard of the Claus:

Claus’ image was to be enhanced by Moore Company. These settlers brought in a bearded man and then published pictures of this rubicund man.

Christmas day, Christmas day festivity5. The KFC Tradition:

During Christmas day festival, the Japanese consume KFC for dinner, as a mandatory product, for over the last forty years.

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6. The mystery of Xmas:

Christmas day is often abbreviated as Xmas day because the letter X represents ‘chi’ in Greek and hence the abbreviation.

7. The infected reindeer:

Rudolf was infected by some pathogen, which is why he had a perpetual red nose, as in the song ‘Rudolf the red nose Reindeer’.

Christmas day, Christmas day festivity8. Creativity from the German:

The Germans defined the first Christmas tree out of Goose feathers.

9. More than 3 billion Christmas cards are mailed to the USA alone, talking about the effect of Christmas.

10. Castrated male reindeer:

Although the names of reindeer are male, but before the Christmas day festivity,  reindeer lose their horns, hence feminine.

11. A Christmas tree grows for about 15 years before it is sold.

12. During Christmas day festivities, the British wear paper crowns at dinner.

13. Christmas day wasn’t declared an official holiday until 1870.

Christmas day, Christmas day festivity14. Spider is used as tinsel in many Christmas trees in Poland because they are thought to be auspicious.

15. Each year almost 20,000 Santas undergo the rent Santa program.

16. A giant log called the Yule log is burnt before Christmas day festivity. This brings good luck.

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17. The earlier depiction of Santa Claus was mean and stern, with a birch rod in hand.

18. The idea of Christmas stockings came with the story of three poor sisters who waited for Santa’s miracle.

19. Martin Luther was the first person to decorate the Christmas tree.

20. 1/6th of the sales of USA depend on Christmas day festivity

21. Odin is the cruel predecessor to Santa. He punished and rewarded children.

22. Sir Henry Cole invented the Christmas card.

23. The earliest Christmas trees were apple trees, in connection with Adam and Eve.

Christmas day, Christmas day festivity24. 35 million trees are sold on Christmas day.

25. President Teddy banned Christmas trees from the White House because of environmental hazards.

26. Christmas has its roots in Saturnalia festival.

27. Technically, Santa’s speed is not equal to the speed of light.

28. The richest man in the world is Santa Claus.

Christmas day, Christmas day festivity29. Jesus Christ wasn’t born on the 25th of December.

30. Jingle bells wasn’t written for Christmas either.

31. The composer of “ O holy night” was a Jew.

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32. Mistle toe was believed to be an aphrodisiac.

33. First commercial Christmas tree was from toilet brushes.

34. Evergreen tree means to have an eternal existence.

Christmas day, Christmas day festivity35. Alabama was the first state to officially recognize Christmas.

36. Mistle toe means the little dung twig.

37. Bolivians believe that a rooster announced Christ’s birth.

38. Pope Julius 1 declared 25th December as Christmas.

39. The traditional colors for Christmas are green, red and gold.

40. The two turtle doves represent Old and New Testament.

41. 221 foot Douglas tree was the tallest Christmas tree.

42. Suicide rates during Christmas are low.

43. Good and bad spirits are active on the Christmas day.

44. Mistle toe is sacred because it bears fruit when nothing else grows.

45. Puritans in America banned Christmas.

46. The Santa was a real person and not fiction.

47. Wassail means good health.

48. “White Christmas” is the best-selling novel of all times.

Christmas day, Christmas day festivity49. 21,000 Christmas tree farms are there in the USA.

50. Heiligabend in German means Magical time, referring to Christmas Eve.


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