7 Unique Ideas To Surprise Your Dad On This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just 2 days away. It’s that time of the year again when we all try our best to let him know how much we love him. Though, we don’t believe in dedicating a single day out of 365 days in celebration of love for the two MOST Precious persons in our life- Our Mom and Dad, nevertheless, making an extra effort to do something for them on this particular day can make the day a memorable one, that you and your parents will certainly cherish forever.

Have you started scratching your head already but still can’t decide what exactly to do on this particular day? Well then, here’s a list of 7 ideas that can help you make this Father’s Day Grand and Special!

Make him his favourite dish

father's day
You know what your dad loves to eat. Try making that dish yourself for a change. If his favourite dish is rather complicated, or if you’re not much confident about your culinary skills, then here’s an alternative. Take help from your mom or the Home Delivery Service. Irrespective of the source of the dish, a favourite course served early in the morning right at the breakfast table or at dinner is bound to make anyone’s day!

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Gift him some Cool tickets

fathers day
If your dad has ever complained about not being able to take his head off from work, then it’s the right time to act! How about gifting your dad some cool tickets to something that he loves? Be it to a movie, pool club, orchestras, theatres or an art gallery. A surprise leisure away from his work will surely bring a smile on his face on the day of father’s day.

How about a car wash?

father's day
This one is a tough job indeed. But it works wonders! Try washing your dad’s car just for a day and notice how instantly his eyes brighten up!

Surprise him with a Handmade gift

father's day
No gift can beat the love and warmth of a handmade gift. This might sound childish but trust me, even a small handmade gift for your dad can bring out that amazing smile on his face that no other gifts can. And if you’re clueless about what to gift, you can always refer to the DIY tutorials where you can check out some really cool yet easy DIY ideas to gift your dad on this father’s day.

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Personalized gifts

father's day
These are the days of personalized gifts. Nowadays you can find a number of gift stores that can create some incredible gifts with your favourite pictures on it. Sober photo frames, wall hangings, coloured tiles, coffee mugs or tees with a personalized touch can make a perfect gift for this Father’s Day.

Movie matinee

father's day
If your dad is a movie buff, then you can try this at home. Think of a movie which your dad is crazy about or has been planning to watch lately, and then arrange it on your PC. Watch him grin for the rest of the day.

Plan a surprise outing

father's day
Surprise your dad by planning a family outing to one of his favourite places on this father’s day. Take him out to a family dinner or a long drive. Your dad has probably been doing these all throughout, so how about reversing roles for a day?

These are just some ideas, few of which might not be easy or available to you. Nevertheless, planning out an amazing Father’s Day is all in your hands. So waste no time and start thinking all that you can try out to make this day special for your dad.

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