8 Types of Women You Should Never Date

It is often said that girls are the most wonderful creations on the earth. However, almost everything in this world exhibits an exception, and even the most amazing creatures of the universe cannot avoid this golden rule.

There are beautiful girls, there are cute girls, there are hot girls and there are also some, who can shove you into the world of pain and frustration once you hook up with them. Here are 8 types of women you should never date:

The Dominant Dragoness

Women You Should Never Date

Women of this category are extremely dominant in nature. From the colour of your shirt to the meals you take, it will always be her call. Once you hit off with women of this sort, life will surely be a jail for you, and she will be the jailer of course.

The Barbie Doll

Women You Should Never Date

As the name suggests, this type of women are extremely fragile in nature and like remaining in a world of their own with full of reveries and fantasies. All she cares about is her face, her make-up, her dress, her shoes and such others. Thus, all she is concerned about is her fantasy-world and hence there remains no space for you to fit in her imaginations.

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The Wife

Women You Should Never Date

Perhaps the most dangerous kind, these women ripe much before the harvest-time and like to take the ultimate oath straightway. Hardly, a couple of dates and she will insist you to meet with your parents. You would probably be wondering about your career at one point, while on the other, she would already have thought the names of the kids by then, which (she takes for granted) you both are going to have in the future.

The Complaint Box

Women You Should Never Date

“Can’t you do this in that way? Seriously, you are good for nothing!, I wish, if you could do a single thing properly” – Be sure of the fact that you are going to hear such vexatious lines, if you date these women. Self-obsessed and peevish by nature, these women love to demean you in almost everything you say or do. Hell is not far away, once a woman of this genre makes an entry into your life.

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The Drama Queen

Women You Should Never Date

A single time you avoid their phone call, and you might taste one of the peskiest dishes of your life. She will never miss an opportunity to create a scene (even in public), if she finds that you do not love her; or love her more than her anticipation – in both ways, she will try every possible thing to seek maximum attention possible.

The Wealth Seeker

Women You Should Never Date

These women apparently develop their feelings for someone based on the “weight of the wallet” and prefer dating them only when the compatibility reaches a firm ground on the monetary scale. Fleecing you will be one of her major aims in the relationship and it will only be your wealth, which will keep the connection going.

The Riggish Popsy

Women You Should Never Date

Loyalty is the most important thing in a relationship. However, these women do not believe in this at all and most of the times like keeping an “extra-option”, more precisely, an alternative of their partner, maybe for fun or pleasure or sexual needs or something else.

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The Timorous Souls

Women You Should Never Date

A little communication from your part with any other girl makes the head of these women reach turbulent temperatures and in the feeling of insecurity they more or less turn into detectives. From your call records to text messages, she stalks those all. She would never ever introduce even her bestie to you – highly insecure creatures.

So when you think that you are falling for a girl, make sure that she does not fall in any such category, or else your life will be a hell.

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