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Nowadays Movies or films entertain us a lot. Everybody relishes attending movies a lot with their relatives and mates.

But also there are several countries where people are rigorously tied to their budget, meaning that they always desire to find an alternative for a less expensive way to entertain them or to watch films.

There are precisely two services in the world of the internet that offers movies at a meager subscription rate or for free, One is legal, and another is an illegal way.

Movies4me lands on the unauthorized way for presenting films and much more content for free. Websites like movies4me are called pirated sites that leak the latest releases of materials without the authorization of the owner of the copyright, and this is an unlawful iniquity and a punishable crime in India.

What Is Movies4me website?

Movies4me-website is primarily a piracy website where all kinds of Hindi films, Hollywood films, dubbed, Tamil Telugu and South films are provided for free of cost.

Similarity with torrent, this specific site also offers films from the lowest to the highest quality. Blue-ray, 1080p and 4k options are also available here.

Not only the latest releases, but it also stocks films produced years ago, making the availability of a wide range of content on their website.

As Google hates pirated websites, it blocked the primary domain of movies4me. But movies4me hosted their site to several individual proxy domains to continue doing their job like,

  • etc.

movies4me also available as a user-friendly Android application from where users can directly access or download the contents without any headaches.

Movies4me Website Features

Movies4me has a massive amount of advanced features available on their website. The oldest and best of all the time, these advanced features made the site so famous on the internet. The web design UI is very comfortable to use and easily understandable by the visitors. Some of the features described below,

  • Top-Mounted Search-Bar:- to find a movie, one can search with categories or simply name it on the search bar, and if it is available, then it will be shown in the result.
  • Endless Access To Contents:- movies4me provides unlimited access to their materials and doesn’t charge any cost to use or download their contents. But sometimes some of the links don’t work.
  • Information About Films:- information about every accessible film are provided like actors, actresses, casting crew, producers-directors, etc.
  • Offline Availability:-users of this website can download any of their provided content for free and make them usable for offline purposes.
  • Adding The Favourite:-if someone finds some of their loveable movies but doesn’t have enough time to view it, then they can add the cinema or the contents for finding them afterward.
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After going to the section of favorites, one can see their added contents.

  • Film Reviews:- users can find reviews posted by others on every content of the website. All the reviews are posted at the end of the site, following the reviews sections of the specific content.
  • Properly Organised Content:- Every content of the website is organized adequately by categories following their sub-categories. It creates a good impact on the user.
  • Platform Availability:- movies4me is available both as an Android application as well as a website. They continuously provide updates to the latest content in the app, as well as on the site.
  • A Vast Database Of Contents:- Being an old website, movies4me stocks an extensive amount of Hindi, Tamil, English, Telugu films. They also offer some of the tv shows and online web-series for free.

Movies4me Categories

As we have discussed earlier on the features that the website has some incredible organization of contents by adding them into categories and followed by some sub-categories. Adding content to the categories remains the user to understand what they are searching about and help them get their content quickly. For example some of the categories listed below,

  • Dual audio Hollywood Hindi
  • Bollywood evergreen
  • Movie by year
  • BluRay HD films
  • 1080p movies
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Hindi Web series
  • Urdu movies
  • Marathi films
  • Dubbed films
  • Telugu films
  • Sci-fi
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Action
  • Adult 18+ motion picture
  • South films Hindi Dubbed dual audio

Best Alternatives

Like this specific website, there is an uncountable number of pirate sites that offer content, including movies, web series, and documentaries that are available on the internet. Neither all of them are good, nor all of them are also bad. Some of them can be better than the specific website was talking about, or some of them can have viruses and threats that can do harmful effects on your device.

  • Tamil rockers:- is a well-known name in terms of piracy of latest releases in enhanced quality and hell-like place for producers. It is a popular website that also offers the same service as movies4me.
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This website is quite popular in southern India as it is focused on the south film-related content.

Even though Google had blocked the primary domain of the website, but it is accessible by using VPNs or proxy domains.

  • Mp4movies:-With an extensive library of contents, full of movies and web series, mp4movies provides an outstanding service in terms of pirated websites.

Users can use this website without a signup process and also can stream or download any content as per their requirements.

It also offers its contents in various languages, qualities, and quantities, and all that are for free.

Mp4movies is also available as a website as well as an Android application so that one can use this service with a user-friendly environment and can have access to their favorite content without any hesitation.

  • Downloadhub:-By the time of growing digitalize markets, Downloadhub is an unforgettable name comparing to other pirated websites.

They don’t only offer films and web series, but they also stock TV shows, trailers, latest music videos, latest MP3 songs, and much more.

One can directly download contents from their website or directly stream in high quality.

This service is only available as a website, but the web design is very much user-friendly and can be understood by anyone.

  • FilmyWap:-In the market of free pirated content, FilmyWap successfully provided an instance in terms of films and web series.

With available contents of a massive variety of languages from all over India and different video qualities like 720p, 480p, Blue-ray, etc., Filmywap is one of the best-pirated sites for downloading web content and streaming in high quality for free.

As Google has blocked the main domain, FilmyWap can be accessed by its secondary proxy domains. It can be the second choice after movie4me.

  • Worldfree4u:- This service also offers users to download or stream any of their provided contents without any signup or registration process.

Users also can sometimes be confused with its massive amount of contents availability. From dubbed Hollywood movies to South Indian Hindi dubbed movies, all are available on this website in different qualities.

Like any other pirated website, Google also has blocked this website but can be accessed with proxy networks.

As nowadays, most people use smartphones, this website design is mainly focused on mobile phones and can be used from any device.

  • RdxHD:- It is another same type of pirated website that offers excellent latest films and web series at no cost. It has a massive library with thousands and thousands of Hindi Bollywood movies, South Indian Motion Pictures, Hollywood Hindi dubbed films, etc.
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It also stocks TV shows broadcasted earlier, latest trailers, promos, MP3 songs, and much more. While comparison, this specific website uploads the newest content at a rapid rate.

As of each unlawful content, Google equally blocked this website from accessing the internet, but it can be accessed through proxy networks.

There are also legal alternatives, but not every content is free comparing the websites that were talking about.

Some Of The Legal Alternatives Are Named Below

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • PopcornFlix
  • Hotstar
  • Voot
  • SonyLiv
  • SonyCrackle
  • Prime Flix


Is movies4me Legal Or Illegal?

Ans:- As this website provides free content without owners’ permission that is only available on the legitimate sites for some cost, absolutely this website is unlawful.

Can The Contents Of This Website Have A Virus?

Ans:- there can be a chance of affecting your computer with viruses cause millions of users use these websites, and the contents provided are for free so that script can be run to the theft of your personal data to do business with.

Why Is The Main Website Of movies4me Or Not Available?

Ans:-as this website provides unlawful content so that Google blocked the primary domain of this website to stop this kind of piracy services. But these websites create another proxy domain to keep their works continue.


Downloading or streaming content from this kind of website is unlawful or illegal and a criminal offense. But there is a chance of getting caught doing this work, and if caught red-handed, they will be punished as per strict distributive law made on the distribution of films or any copyrighted content without the owner’s permission. People nowadays don’t care about data piracy, but it is a severe crime in India. We should stop supporting this kind of pirated business.


As per our whole discussion, movies4me stands that it is a beautiful site for content-hungry peoples. As the service offers its contents for free, people can use this particular website without any hesitation for living up to the latest trends without even spending a penny. But using this type of site, there is some risk, other than all features are quite excellent and useful.

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