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Apart from the olden days, Online streaming services Have changed the way we all consume media by preventing a person from going to a store to buy or rent a movie or to go to a movie theatre. Online streaming avails the content in real-time and can be accessed by anyone no matter their location, and also it has made entertainment very affordable.

By using streaming services, the viewer has more options when it comes to the choice of content. Unlike the DVD store, where you have to watch what you bought or rented, people can have a preview of specific shows and decide whether they want to watch it, without having to incur any extra costs. Also, they don’t have to bother about the latest releases.

Amazon India’s Prime Video and Amazon instant video online streaming service are one of the best and legit online movie streaming services available nowadays.

What is Amazon Prime Video and Instant video?


Amazon Prime Video is an online video streaming service of the Amazon Prime membership. It was first launched on September 7, 2006, as Amazon Unbox, the service grew with its massive library and added the Prime Video membership with the development of Prime.

Amazon instant video is also an online streaming service provided by Amazon. All the contents are the same, but one has to pay per title or content, unlike prime video, where all materials are available in a specific annual subscription fee.

Beside Movies, it offers Native TV shows Serials, web series, and Amazon original content with availability in 4k max streaming quality. Still, some times the speed of the internet can cut off quality while streaming videos.

Not only in English, but it also offers most of its content in various languages, including Bengali Hindi Tamil Telugu Malayalam Gujarati Marathi, etc.

Having a user-friendly website, it has a mobile application available for both Android and IOS platforms.

Website Features:-

Amazon India’s video streaming website has a tone of features included on their website that made them famous so far. Having a user-friendly UI is not easy, but Amazon India’s online streaming website has all the features to understand it’s productivity and to provide a proper understanding between the user and the site.

  • Amazing Search bar: – Just typing some of the letters of the specific content which are being searched, it will be available in the suggestions below the search bar, and it will surely be 99% accurate.
  • Sharing accounts with others: – Anyone can share their Amazon video account with others and watch movies or any TV shows together.
  • IMDB reviews: – As Amazon owns IMDb, the reviews can be seen on the screen while playing a movie by getting a closer look on the reviews tab.
  • User reviews:- As a part of the website, Users of Amazon India video streaming service can give a review for provided content or any movies, and that can be very helpful to others.
  • Customizable captions: – One can change the look of the subtitles or the size of it as they wish.
  • Add Favourites: – One can add content or a movie to favorites to watch it later or like a reminder.
  • Tons of categories: – People can search their contents by categories as there is a vast collection of categories are available on the website.
  • Availablity on many platforms: – Amazon India’s online video streaming service is available in Android devices, iOS devices, smart TVs, and as well as a website.
  • Customizable Smart Video quality: – One can change the video quality of any content that is being streamed, and also depending upon the connection speed, the quality of the streaming will be changed to provide a fluency of video playback. Even in smart TVs, unlike other streaming services in India, Amazon is providing 4K video streaming support.
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With the largest library of movies and TV shows, Amazon India’s online video streaming Service or Prime video also offers a massive ton of categories that are correctly organized to save time and to provide an accurate searching instance like,

  • Action & Adventure
  • Bollywood
  • Anime
  • Tollywood
  • Documentary
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Educational
  • Faith and Spirituality
  • Foreign
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • LGB
  • Kids and Family
  • Music Videos and Concerts
  • Military and War
  • Musicals
  • Performing
  • Mystery and Thrillers
  • Reality-TV
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance
  • Special Interests
  • Game Shows
  • Sports
  • Talk Shows
  • News Programming
  • Westerns

It also offers search by language categories, search by Genre categories, search by style or searches by keywords, search by franchisor, search by actor, director, Search by video quality is also available and like this many other categories are available to accurately organize the vast amount of content they provide.

Best Alternatives:-

Amazon and its affordable subscription rates have done a great job for India, as in India, people are always going for the budget. With its massive library of the latest movies, TV shows, and documentaries in many of the languages and genres, the streaming service has something for everyone. All though it is available for a very affordable price that is better than other big streaming sites, there are a lot of streaming sites that offer many contents and may have the show, the major streaming sites available out there have been mentioned below,

  • Hotstar: – It is an Indian video streaming site. It is available as both a free and premium subscription-based tiers. The free service, one can get access to selected Indian films and Star series after their television broadcast with ads inserted. But in The Hotstar VIP subscription, one can get access to domestic content, including series from Star’s Indian-language television networks and the early access to Star’s Indian serials before their television premiere, cricket coverage, and Premier League football from the United Kingdom as well as from India.
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Basically, the main difference between the Hotstar and Amazon is, Hotstar is mainly focused on domestic content compared to Amazon Prime Video. Also, it is primarily focused on India so that it is ad supportive and available at a minimal subscription rate.

  • Netflix: – It is an online streaming service that shows popular cinemas, Television shows, and users can watch over the internet. It has over a million members across many countries and began as a mail-order DVD rental service years ago. In addition to a wide range of popular movies and shows that were released years ago, the site also has a variety of Netflix Originals. There is also a great feature available on Netflix where you can pause a video on a device and resume it with another device.
  • Voot:- It is also another online streaming platform in India that is owned by Viacom 18. Many of the shows which are shown on the TV channels MTV, Nickelodeon, Colours are available after broadcasting on TV for free. Also, there is a kids section with the popular shows of kids forecasted on TV, and it also offers Voot originals web series in their platform. They also offer premium subscriptions based on various plan amounts. 

This service is also quite different from Amazon because this service is not as large as compared to Amazon’s video library, and many of the contents in India are not available in this service or it, in other words, it lacks much online content.

  • Sony Liv: – It is another online streaming service in India that is mainly focused on sports content. TV shows which are run by Sony pictures are all available in this service. It also has quite the right amount of Indian and international content, and within the premium plan, one can get access to millions of Hindi and English contents and make the service ad-free.
  • Jio-cinema: – Jio cinema is also an online streaming service in India run by mobile carrier network JIO.It is a free service to jio users. This service also offers Indian as well as International contains at a quite good level of streaming quality optimized by the connection speed of the internet. 
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Can Amazon Prime video be used with multiple users?

Ans:- Yes, Amazon Prime Video subscription can be shared with at least two adults in the household. And one can use the Amazon Prime video account with more than one user.

Can Amazon Prime video work with slow internet?

Ans:-Yes with slow internet connection Amazon Prime video optimizes the streaming quality with connection speed to provide a good fluency of streaming videos.

Are movies free to watch on Amazon Prime?

Ans:-Actually not. One must have an annual Prime subscription to watch movies or any content on Amazon Prime Video.


Any piracy or any security breach of online streaming service or using any illegal way to watch contents from any of the reputed streaming websites or apps is a criminal offense; if caught red-handed, then it can be punished in jail. While subscribing to premium account terms and conditions to be read carefully and when using others always account permission required to access, if they complain about it, then it can be a punishable offense.


At last, it is to be said that Amazon India’s online video streaming service is quite excellent and battling against the other streaming services in India, And its performance is quite well. The streaming giant of all over the world is much more affordable than any of The Other streaming service providers in India, but also Amazon India’s online streaming service is continuously improving itself and updating the latest content every day to constantly build the best availability of shows.

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