AMD Crimson ReLive Bring Performance Improvements and New Features

Crimson ReLive

Days before the announcement of their new processors, Advanced Micro Devices released new and updated graphics drivers for their GPUs. If you are using an AMD Radeon GPU with GCN on your laptop or desktop, then head over to AMD’s Support Page to download the new software.

Massive Under-the-hood Improvements

After releasing Radeon Settings Crimson Edition, last year, the company received a lot of positive feedback from the users. The driver was continuously kept updates with multiple hotfixes and occasional new releases. This time, the new version of Radeon Settings is known as Crimson ReLive. As the naming implies, it comes with Game DVR capabilities along with an increase of over 8% performance improvement in specific games on same generation of hardware.

The Game DVR feature allows you to capture Instant Replay of 20 minutes of past footage using hotkeys or overlays. Also, you can take screenshots and upload them directly to any cloud storage you want. Finally, there is also an option to stream gameplay videos directly to Twitch and YouTube end points.

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Crimson ReLive

Adaptive Downscaling

Another great feature is called Radeon Chill. This is a feature that analyzes user input and automatically powers up or down the GPU accordingly. Therefore, in a game, when there is not much user input, it can be assumed that there is not much action on the screen. Accordingly, the GPU is powered down to render lesser frames per second. On the other hand, when the user is very active, the GPU cranks up the power to push more frames per second to the screen.

HDR10 and Dolby Vision Support

HDR10 and Dolby Vision are new display standards that will be available in the next generation of gaming monitors. These mostly have high dynamic ranges that provide deeper blacks and brighter whites. Radeon Settings Crimson ReLive Edition will also support these displays. Also, it will support detection of bad HDMI cables for easier troubleshooting.

More Features

Here are the feature set from the new Radeon Settings Crimson ReLive Edition.

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