AMD Ryzen Zen CPU Benchmarks Leaked, Clashed Against Intel i7

AMD RyzenBenchmarks of AMD’s new processor has leaked in Chinese forums. After over an year of waiting and losing out on user base, AMD came out with a processor architecture that puts them back in the game and clashing right with Intel flagship processors.

AMD RyZen is an upcoming CPU coming with the Zen architecture that will be able to undertake the seventh and sixth generation Intel Core i7 processors. The leaked benchmarks put it up against i7-6900K and the i7-7700K. Both of these are upper tier unlocked processors from Intel.

This new processor was the one that was probably seen during AMD’s New Horizon event. The leaker has benchmarked the new processor using the popular Cinebench R15 and also Fritz Chess. There is no direct comparison made, but more benchmarks will be posted in the coming days.

The Scores

The AMD RYZEN chip scored 1188 cb points in the CPU rendering test. The Intel Core i7-7700K scores 966 points at stock and 1083 points when overclocked to 5 GHz. The Core i7-6900k processors scores up to 1500cb points whereas the i7-6950X flagship can score well beyond 1800cb.

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In the Fritz Chess benchmark, the relative score is 36.86 points and 17693 Kilo nodes per second. Intel’s sixth generation flagships score around 22500 to 24000 points, but the relative score is unavailable for them.

A Slipping Brand Loyalty

AMD fans and users were asked to wait almost a year for the new processors. PCPartPicker noticed that lesser users opting for an AMD CPU, even though they purchased AMD GPUs. This made AMD lose more ground to Intel and NVidia. Generally, people opt for PCs with all AMD components. AMD builds are cheaper and are value for money, and average of $967 whereas Intel would cost something around $ 1,570 on average. That is a massive difference.

However, things are looking better with Zen, and with CES 2017 coming up, we can expect the chip maker to have some more good news for the fans.

Source: Wccftech, Enstars, Fudzilla

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