AMD Vega: The Battle of the GPUs get hotter with AMD’s next gen graphics

AMD VegaAMD is gearing up to release its high performance GPU in the market sometime is the second quarter of this year. The chip maker has remained tight lipped about the  release date of the new architecture, but has given us small glimpses of the features that are about to come.

HBM2, 4096 Cores, 4K AAA and VR

AMD Vega is designed to cater a wide range of GPU applications. The Vega architecture was previewed along with their new processor – the Ryzen and the new AM4 platform in CES 2017. Chances are that the new GPUs will be finalized and released during Computex.

Vega is being launched almost a year after NVidia released the GTX 1080 and the new GPUs are expected to be a tad better than the Nvidia flagship. The chip will be using the same 14nm lithography as that of the 1080. It will feature NCU (Next Compute Engine) design with 64 Compute Units or 4096 stream processors. It will also include up to 16GB High Bandwidth Memory 2 stacks. 4096 stream processor SKU with 16 GB HBM2 is rated at 225W so we can expect a higher clocked variant for consumers. For pricing, it will be  priced aggressively against the Pascal GPUs, and obviously offer better performance, with out-of-the-box support for VR.

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How powerful is Vega?

“It is incredible to see GPUs being used to solve gigabyte-scale data problems in gaming to exabyte-scale data problems in machine intelligence,” said Raja Koduri, as posted on AMD. For those who still have not heard of Koduri, he’s one of the most visible figures of AMD and serves as the company’s Senior Vice President and the Chief Architect behind Radeon Technologies Group, the creator of Vega.

AMD has yet to reveal the specifics about the GPU products based on the Vega architecture, including the prices. But since these are expected to be shipped during the first half of 2017, we can expect AMD to hold another event to properly unveil all of the AMD graphics cards based on Vega architecture, soon.

Source: WCCFTech

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