Amit Shah Personal Life, Childhood, Political Achievements

A look at the personal life of Amit shah, the present minister of Home affairs 


The citizens of India only know him as the minister of Home affairs who is serving in the cabinet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is Modi’s confidante and a friend. But many do not know that Amit shah is the youngest Home minister of India that was ever appointed. While many are aware of his political achievements, very few know about his personal life or life before politics. Here we shall take a look at his early life before he became a major political figure in India.

Amit Shah childhood and schooling

Amit Shah was born as Amit anilchandra shah in the year 1964. He was born in Gujarat, into a Hindu Vaishnava family. His family was baniyas, meaning they were merchants or were money lenders. He has two sisters, and both of them live abroad. Growing up, he was closer to his mother than his father.

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His childhood was quite ordinary, and his family was well off. While his father made good money from his PVC pipe business, his grandfather also held a high position in the state of Mansa, where he was the nagarseth. While his grandfather’s name is not known, his father’s name was anil Chandra shah.

He was quite a good student while growing up

He went to a school in Mehsana, and then after completing the primary school education, his father sent him off to Ahmedabad to take admission to cu shah Science College, where he would be studying biochemistry. After graduating from college with a science degree in biochemistry, he built experience by working for his father. He handled his father’s business for quite some time before he quit and worked as a stockbroker. Also worked as a banker in cooperative banks later on.

Amit Shah did not become a Rashtriya swayamsevak Sangh member overnight. He participated in the events since he was a young boy. After a few grew older, he formally became a swayamsevak. Others worked as pracharak, and this is where he was to meet Narendra Modi. Modi was a pracharak, and these two met in one of the events of RSS back in 1982. Shah then, later on, became a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and then also became a president of the party. He served as the president of the party for 6 six years before he assumed his role as the home affairs minister.

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Amit Shah then went on to marry Sonal shah, who gave a son who was later named Jay.

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Amit Shah political achievements

Apart from being the youngest minister of Home Affairs, Shah has also never lost an election

n in his entire political career. He contested for the Gujarat legislative assembly and won the election in 1997 for the first time. This winning streak was to continue till 2019.

He again won the Gujarat legislative assembly in the following year. He was elected again in 2002, 2007, as well as 2012. The last election that he fought and won was general elections in 2019, where he acquired 69.76% votes!

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