Android 7.1.2 Update to Come Early April

Android 7 on PixelAndroid Nougat 7.1.2 is about to get more powerful and feature filled than before with a new update coming soon. Only Google phones, such as the Pixel and the Pixel XL will receive the updates on 3rd April, followed by other non-Google phones. The company said that it was “an incremental maintenance release focused on refinements,” including “bug fixes and optimizations, along with a small number of enhancements for carriers and users.”

The previous significant update to Android 7 came in the form of Android 7.1 back in October. It was released along with Google Pixel smartphones. Now, it seems that more devices will get on the next version of Android in the next few days.

Android always had a very slow update cycle, as opposed to Apple and Windows devices. Also, the updates are distributed by the OEM or the hardware maker, and not the software maker. This also makes a lot of devices fall behind. Google phones, being the first class citizens in this case, will be the first to enjoy the update.

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The release date – 3rd April, 2017 also coincides with the initial beta launch of the software earlier this year. Back then, Google stated that they will have a wider release by the end of March.

This date has also been confirmed by Rogers. Rogers is the largest carrier in Canada that is rolling out VoLTE calling for Pixel users. This will allow Pixel users to use their LTE data connection from Rogers to make their voice calls when cellular network is unavailable. Rogers has been testing VoLTE services on Pixel with the 7.1.2 beta.

Still, there is no word from Google whether they will release the update to unlocked phones by the end of this month. Again, with the pace at which Android is updated, having a delay is nothing uncommon. But it is confirmed that those using Pixel and is on a Rogers network can make VoLTE calls from 3rd April. The rest of the other may have to wait a little while longer and keep checking for updates.

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Source: Android Central

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