Apple Releases a new iPad and an updated iOS without much fanfare

For the first time ever, Apple has released a new device without creating much media attention. Also, it updated it’s iOS to version 10.3 rather quietly. Most of the company’s customers were aware of the new device from the information on the website.

A Shift in Marketing Strategy

Just like the unusual behavior from Apple, their new device also deviates from the mainstream a little. It is not what people expected the new iPad to be. First of all, it’s called “iPad”, just that – not an iPad 3 or iPad 7 or anything. The  new 9.7 inch variant received an upgrade – it has the A9 processor. Th screen is bigger and brighter. There is a WiFi and a WiFi plus cellular version. Storage versions are 32GB and 128GB. The 32GB is available at $329 – a price that’s lower than expected.

The new iPad comes with a larger battery, but the same 10 hour battery life rating. This is because the new iPad is capable of multitasking and split screen.

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In this new release, the iPad Pro or it’s other sibling variants were never mentioned. Most likely, Apple is planning to discontinue some of them, such as Air, just to streamline the product lineup. This lineup of devices, at the moment, is facing a tough competition from the hybrid PC segment with Microsoft Surface Pro and similar devices. The next iPad Pro is probably aimed to compete with the shape-shifting PC market.

A New Software Update

Apple always released a new software update along with new devices. The significant change in iOS 10.3 is the APFS or the Apple File System. Apple File System changes the way the device uses its storage. You will notice a more responsive device and more free space.

In general most 64 bit apps will run faster. But Apple has completely removed support from 32 bit apps. This shouldn’t be surprising though, since Apple is using 64 bit apps since the last couple of years. Also, the new update allows your device to encrypt content better than before.

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Source: eWeek

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