Apple’s “Make In India” investments to make iPhones cheaper

AppleAfter Foxconn failed to establish a manufacturing plant for Apple in Maharashtra, the Taiwan based OEM maker, Winstron has confirmed that they will make an Apple manufacturing plant in Bangalore. The manufacturing plant will be set up in Peenya, the industrial hub of the city.

All these were just rumors before Wall Street Journal reported Apple’s keen interest to make their devices in India. The Indian government has also been pushing the “Make in India” campaign, offering big and small tech companies support to set up industries in the country. Talks have been going on with the government of the state of Karnataka. According to a state govt official, Wistorn Corporation has also requested for quick processing of its application.

Earlier in May, Apple has shown its interest in guiding Indian developers to develop for Apple TV and Apple watch. The company also has promised to create an iOS developer community. Now, this is the 2nd biggest announcement from Apple to the Indian market.

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Devices in Demand in India

One of the primary reason why Apple is so interested in India is because more and more Indians are buying iPhones. The business went 50% upwards last year with a last of 2.5 million iPhones. The data was collected by Honk Kong based Counter-point. The sales figure touched a rocket high Rs. 9997 crore or 99.97 billion INR in 2016 which is just 1.5 times of what company had achieved in 2015.

By means of the Make in India campaign, the government is offering lucrative incentives to outside manufacturers to open their manufacturing site in India to eradicate job insecurity and to a stronger Indian economy. However, on a global point, last year was not so good for the tech giant as the sales declined globally because of faulty iPhone devices.

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