Are You In a Quest for Real Beauty?

Do you know, since you were born, there was a magical world of secrets which took its existence around you? Well, if you do not, then this is the right place to know about those secrets. Life is a hamper of ‘yet-to-know’ things. If you are afraid that your friend is going to take the ‘snow-white’ title, then you got to work hard! If you are in quest for real beauty, then this article is for you. This article deals with the secrets to real beauty.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

Beauty has different meanings to different people. Yet, the true meaning of beauty is the happiness, the content and the freedom that brings about a shine on your face. No individual has a perfect life to fit in, but yes, if you are in an endeavour for the real beauty then you got to read on.

Quest Of Real Beauty

“Happiness is the key to real beauty”

Contentment can bring a grin on your face, and that very grin could make you look gorgeous. There are people who in their lives full of struggle never forgot to smile and stay happy from within. Do you know the result? Well, the problems showed their back as they could not face such happy-go-lucky people.

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Quest Of Real Beauty

“Beauty has no cost”

Do you believe in spending half of your pocket balance on beauty products which could have been spent on a master size pizza? Or your favourite movie tickets for three? If yes, then it is time to stop right now! Beauty has no cost. Beauty could be achieved by simply keeping yourself calm and blissful. The glow which you get out of that is far striking than what you got during last weekend’s spa hours.

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Quest Of Real Beauty

30-Day Planner

If you find this article as a mere use or words like a paper plane, then let us get started with a complete 30-day planner. All you got to do is take a pen and a diary and start jotting things down.

“Do not panic looking at the whole staircase; just start taking the first step”

Consequently, the very first thing you are supposed to do is write all the things that right now are disturbing you in any manner. It could be someone’s phone call, a test, financial or beauty stress.

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After you are done with the first step, you need a glass of water as what now you are going to do needs quite some effort. For each disturbing element, you need to write down and ponder over, how does it affect you? Is that going to make up your future? Or is it really an important part of your hereafter?

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In these 30 days, you are going to completely neglect the people or the things which in some manner make you upset or a bit low. You need 8-10 glasses of water every day as a booster and a good amount of sleep; also, you got to practice laughter exercise, as it is a great stimulator of hope in you.

So, all in all, these 30 days are going to be free from negative thoughts and people who make you low. It is going to be full of life, energy and ecstasy that you are going to kindle in you yourself. The results will beyond doubt make you continue this planner whole of your life. So, with this, you would stop your quest for real beauty  as you can agree that ‘happiness is the real beauty’.

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