Best Beaches for a Honeymoon in India

Do you want to spend a romantic honeymoon in the best beaches of India? The beaches are considered as the most romantic place for a honeymoon. In India, there are so many tropical islands are coasts which creates several beaches. In this post, you will know about the best beaches for your honeymoon. So do you know what makes the beaches a romantic destination? A beach will offer you a thrilling adventure like water sports to a calm evening with a beautiful sunset with a vast expansion of sand. It invokes the inner romance of every couple who visits there. Now, just talk about the best beaches for a honeymoon in India, which will be the best spot for your romance.


Best Beaches for a Honeymoon in India

Agonda beach

This beach is located in Goa, where the feeling of romanticism is at its best. The Agonda beach is wide, serene, heavenly, and scenic, which makes a perfect ideal location for any honeymoon couple. This beach is not best for swimming because of its high tides, but you can enjoy the best sunset view, long lady with the sand expanse, and walk leisurely.

It makes a perfect location for the newly married couple to spend their time because of fewer tourist activities. If you are interested, then you can also go for boat rides, which will be very romantic. But the main attraction is the beach where you have to do nothing but just relax and lie down and admire the scenario of the beach. You will be undisturbed here, and also you can enjoy your food and drinks, which makes it one of the best beaches for a honeymoon in India.

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Elephanta Beach

This beach is just 30 minutes away from boat ride from Havelock Island. It is known as a heaven for scuba diving and snorkeling, which offers you to do your favorite activity and enjoy yourself with your soulmate. This beach is just perfect for the newly married couple who has an adventurous spirit in them. This beach is famous for its striking corals and the life of a rich marine. The scenario is just too good here so that the human activity has not affected it. The best attraction of this beach is its ride of a glass boat. You will not be disturbed because the tourist activities are less here.

Candolim beach

This beach is known as the most famous beach in India, which is situated in the North Goa. It is a nice location that very closes to the Calangute, Aguda, and Baga beach. This beach is relatively quiet and attracted by the calm sea waters, cleanliness, sand dunes, and the palm trees. On this beach, there is no paucity of good spots, tourist attractions, and good food, which makes it one of the best beaches for a honeymoon in India. According to its soothing environment, this place is perfect for spending some moments of intimacy, which makes the ideal place for a couple. You can enjoy the perfect moment of adventure bye experiencing water sports such as water sinking and parasailing.

Varkala beach

This beach is known for its pristine beauty, and it is located in Kerala. This beach is an ideal location for a honeymoon for its peace on the beach, unlike the other busy beaches of Kerala. The major highlight or the attraction of this beach is its picturesque settings and an amazing view of the boundless Arabian Sea. The footpath of the beach is lined by the small shops, beach shacks, and the coconut trees, which creates a prodigious vibe of walking around. It is identified by the black sand and great for sunbathing, viewing the sunset and for swimming. It is an ideal place for honeymoon and considered one of the best beaches for a honeymoon in India.

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Yarada beach

This beach is quite placed near to the Visakhapatnam, which is the dazzling beach, but it is not the popular one. Due to its fewer tourists’ activity and the attraction, it makes an ideal location for knowing each other on the honeymoon. A sensational view of the sunset and the cloistered environment proves to be fascinating and makes it one of the best beaches for a honeymoon in India.

The best attraction of this beach is golden sand, cleanliness of the water and the greenery. It is not perfect for swimming. The beach is enclosed by the hills from three sides and a complete pleasing landscape that is away from the chaos of tourists.

Devka beach

This beach is located around 3 kilometers northwards of the Nani Daman. Devka is a serene and laid back beach. Romantic walks with your soul mate while the chill waves of the sea touch your feet and collect the seashells. If you are interested in swimming, then you will have to be careful about the formation of rocks. You can also visit the amusement park, which is on the beachside. The major attractions of this beach are pony rides, camel rides, beautiful walkways, musical fountains, and various eateries.

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Auroville Beach

This beach will be an impeccable place for a newly married couple to spend their honeymoon. This place is untouched from the tourist’s activity, and the Pondicherry is a gate opening for the romantic place for your honeymoon. The beach offers a very amazing view of the sunset, which will leave you speechless. This is one of the best beaches for a honeymoon in India. 

Radhanagar beach

This is one of the popular beaches in India. This is awarded as Asia’s best beach by the ‘Time’ in 2004, so undoubtedly it is one of the most beautiful beaches in all over India. This beach has crystal clear water with clean white sand, which makes the beach a romantic destination for a honeymoon. The best attraction of this beach is water sports, which offer scuba diving, game fishing, and snorkeling. You can also enjoy leisure walks and sunbathing with romantic talks.


These are some of the best beaches for a honeymoon in India. Here you can enjoy your honeymoon with your full heart and without any disturbance. Feel the vibe of silent water along with the view of the sunset and romantic talks. You can choose the beaches of India according to your choice of maintaining a romance in your relationship.

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