Best Chicken Gravy Recipes To Try

Best chicken gravy recipes, want to try?

For most people out there, the ultimate definition of having comfort food is to sit down with a bowl of chicken curry and some rice. The deliciousness of chicken gravy cannot be paralleled, and one shouldn’t even try to do that. Whether you are eating a Kadhai Chicken, Butter Chicken, or a Chicken Chettinad, having a bit of chicken gravy on the side helps you enjoy the dish even more. That is probably one of the main reasons why a chicken gravy recipe is essential in every single Indian feast or party.


Indian cuisine has a plethora of dishes where Chicken gravy rules the entire dish, and we are going to mention it for you right now. With the mix of perfect spices and flavors that you will not be able to imagine, there are exciting dishes that you can create to please the taste buds of Indians. On that note, let us move on to the delicious chicken gravy recipes that you can try out.

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Some Tasty Recipes For You

Curry in chicken brings out a special taste that is unfathomable for some people. The chicken gravy has seen so many fans all across the world. So, doesn’t it seem fair to share some of the best chicken gravy recipes that you can try out? Have a look at these interesting recipes and see if there is something that you want to try out for dinner tonight.

Spicy Malvani Chicken Curry

It’s been made with a coconut base; this spicy dish will hit you right in the spot with all the flavors and the taste. The main highlight of this particular dish is that it has a secret Malvani masala, which you need to make specially for the chicken. In case you are a fan of the spice, this dish would be your ultimate soul mate my friend. Go ahead and give this a try right now.

Chicken Tikka Masala

This absolutely delicious and thick curry adds curd to make the gravy even thicker. This has a certain tang to it. That is probably one of the main reasons why Chicken Tikka Masala is so popular amongst the non-vegetarians. Roasted pieces of tender chicken are dipped in this thick and rich gravy to bring out the perfect flavors in your mouth.

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Butter Chicken- The Best Chicken Gravy Recipe

If you haven’t enjoyed having butter chicken in your life, then you are seriously missing out on something exciting right here. Butter Chicken is one of the most popular dishes in North India that you can make with a plethora of spices and a whole lot of butter in it. The rich and thick gravy goes extremely well with a Biryani or just Tandoori Roti.

Murgh Rezala- Delicious Chicken Gravy

This dish originated from Bengal and is a trendy type of food there. The origin of Murgh Rezala was from Mughlai cuisine, and it certainly is quite delicious to eat as well. You need to use boneless chicken pieces with a cashew paste and coconut along with Khoya. Because, this will help to bring out the flavor and the texture.

Try out these delicious treats from the Chicken dishes world and enjoy impressing your guests over dinner.

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