Top 4 Best Museums In The World That You Must Visit

Isn’t it interesting that under a roof you can know everything related to history? If past related everything attracts you the most then pack your bags and roam around the world’s best museums. You can get a huge knowledge and can live the past for while you visit the best museums in the world.

Lovely Louvre Museum

best museums in the world

Are you an antique lover? Then Louvre is the ultimate destination for you. Louvre is the world’s largest museum. The amazing architect of the pyramid shaped museum is absolutely fascinating. The art collections of the museum are absolutely ready to make you speechless. You can enjoy the beauty of Monalisa at the world famous painting gallery. The sculptures, the statues and the Egyptian antiques make you feel the reality of the long past. This is one of the best museums in the World till date.

Beautiful Rijksmuseum

best museum in the world

Would you like to enjoy the romanticism along with art and history? Then just visit to this gorgeous museum. Rijksmuseum is located in the center of the Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you want to know the history of this beautiful and elegant country then Rijksmuseum never let you down. The collections of historical figures are awesome. The museum depicts the Dutch history with perfection. The paintings like the milkmaid, the night watch the threatened swan and the little street are ready to mesmerize you.

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Amazing Acropolis Museum

best museum in the world

The stunning museum is located in Athens, Greece. The ground floor is a place for the art gallery collection in the slope of the Acropolis. The archaeological museum is famous for the Parthenon which is mounted on a structure and giving the every details of the beauty of the museum. You can feel the time of Greek Bronze age. The Roman and Byzantine history also depict perfectly by the museum.

The Royal Beauty of the British Museum


This is the museum where you can get every single details of royal glory of the British empires. The very sophisticated museum is having antique collections of Egyptian history, Rosetta stone which is craved 196 B.C. You can watch here the objects from the ancient Roman cities like Pompeii and Herculaneum, the paintings of Nebamun and the art creation of kanga which belongs to Africa. Apart from these all you can also experienced the Chinese ceramic creations, the Minden hall collection of Roman Britain and the Anglo-Saxon ship burial objects.

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Apart from above mentioned museums you can also visit the others museums around the world. The Vasa Museum, the Hemitage Museum, National Air and Space Museum, the National Palace museum are few names you can experienced among the best museums in the world.

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