Top 10 Women-Centric Movies Of All Time

It is extremely rare to find women-centric movies as the film industry is biased towards men. However, once in a while, you get good women-centric movies that are inspiring. Check the below top 10 women-centric movies for all time:

The Hunger Games

This movie star Gary Ross directs Jennifer Lopez and the topmost winning movies of its time. The movie conveys the story of the protagonist, Katniss, who has to replace her sister in this competition. Only one of the participants wins at the end and survives.


Portrayed by the stunning actress Monica Belluci, ‘Malena’ is a story about a beautiful woman treated badly by society. After the death of her husband, she has to face criticisms and malicious rumours that are being spread around about her.


This movie is an autobiography of the famous artist, Frida Kahlo. The movie depicts the life of Kahlo beautifully as it moves from her work to her personal life smoothly.

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A movie about high-school teenage pregnancy, ‘Juno,’ was a game-changer. The teen mother has to choose the family where she has to give her baby away for adoption. It is a simple yet gripping movie and is critically acclaimed.

The Iron Lady

Another biography in this list, this movie tells you the story of Margaret Thatcher, and Britain’s 1st Prime Minister. The character has been portrayed brilliantly by Meryl Streep, who is known for her powerful performances.

Kill Bill

The movie is about a pregnant bride who is shot on her wedding day. The woman is shot by a man named Bill, and after waking up from a coma, the woman wants nothing but revenge. It is one of the classics.

G.I. Jane

The movie stars Demi Moore and is a masterpiece. It is about the first woman trainee in US Navy, Catalano, Florida. Where almost 60% of the candidates are rejected, it is about the journey of a woman as she battles sexism and moves forward.

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Black Swan


It is about a prima ballet dancer, played by Natalie Portman, who loses touch with reality when she has to play the leading role in the ballet. On her journey towards perfection, she loses touch with herself.


CIA agent Evelyn Salt is accused of being a Russian Spy. Now she has to get to the bottom of it all and clear her name. It is a thriller packed with a powerful performance by Angelina Jolie.

Devil Wears Prada

The best out of the list is this movie, which is completely woman-centric. Andrea, played by Anne Hathway, has to survive around her supposedly evil boss, Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep. The film is about the cut-throat fashion industry and how newbie Andrea becomes a part of it.

There are many more woman-centric movies than the ones on this list. You can look for them online and download them easily!

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