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Feel stuck at home with nothing to do? Are you craving some entertainment but cannot do anything about it? Not sure what you can do all day at home? We understand you! No More Boring Evenings At Home!

Being at home all day may be fun for a few days, but after a while, the boredom sets in, and you are not too sure about how you can get the boredom to leave you! Thankfully, when you have the internet at the tip of your fingers, several ways can help you get rid of your boredom! One of the websites that you can visit to entertain yourself is Bollyshare, let’s talk a little more about it.

What Is Bollyshare?


When you want to watch movies online, there is no better website than Bollyshare. Here, you will find all of your favorite Bollywood movies under one roof. Not just Hindi movies, you can also view hind-dubbed Hollywood movies along with South India movies that include Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam movies, and apart from this, you can also see Punjabi movies on this site. If you are not in the mood for a film, Bollyshare has still got you covered! On this website, you can catch up on some popular TV shows, which will be enough to keep you entertained for a while.

What Are The Features Of This Website?

Every one Wondering why Bollyshare seems to be so popular among its users? Well, this website offers a lot of attractive features that helps it stand out from the rest. Unlike other sites, you get a lot more out of Bollyshare, which you will not find on other movie streaming platforms easily. Here is what helps Bollyshare remain unique:

  • Broad Categories: Bollyshare offers a lot of categories to its users here, you will not only find Bollywood movies but Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam as well as Punjabi movies. These movies can be hard to get hold of since they are regional movies, but Bollyshare makes it easier for you to be able to watch all movies with the help of a single website. Additionally, you can catch-up on Hindi-dubbed versions of your favorite Hollywood movies. The fan following of Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam movies has increased in the last couple of years; so much so, that they are no longer seen as South Indian movies and have a following all over India. The same holds true for a Punjabi film. Hence, for these movies, you can find Hindi-dubbed versions on Bollyshare easily. Thus, your movie-watching experience is enhanced when you visit this website.
  • Latest Movies: While you may need to wait a while to be able to stream the latest releases on other websites, Bollyshare does not make you wait. With this website, you can quickly catch-up on the latest release and participate in pop culture conversations. With Bollyshare, you can catch up on the latest movies from the comfort of your home, so what more could you want?
  • Excellent Picture Quality: When you visit an online movie streaming platform, you often have to compromise on the picture quality of the movie. However, Bollyshare ensures that you have the best picture quality and can watch your favorite movies in crystal clear quality! Whether it is an older movie title or one that has just been released, Bollyshare ensures that you have the best picture quality and can stream your movie with no troubles. They want you to have the experience that you would have in a movie theatre at your own home! Hence, they ensure that they have excellent picture quality so that no matter if you are watching it on the small screen of your laptop or the bigger screen of your TV, you can enjoy it without any pixelation!
  • Download Movies: With Bollyshare, you can not only watch your favorite videos whenever you want, but you can also download them. If you’re going to have a movie night but do not have a stable internet connection, you can use Bollyshare to download all of your favorite movies ahead of time. Additionally, the ability to download movies from Bollyshare ensures that you do not have an interruption when you are watching the movie. Nobody likes to have to wait as the movie buffers while in the middle of a crucial scene, and hence, Bollyshare ensures that they provide their users with the opportunity to download movies so that they can watch it peacefully whenever they are in the mood for it.
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With these fantastic features, it is obvious why most users opt for this website; it allows you the freedom to select the movies that you want to watch and when you want to watch it. No matter how rare a movie title seems to be, you can quickly get them right here, and watch them from the comfort of your own home.

What Are Some Alternatives To Bollyshare?

If you want to find some alternative site to Bollyshare, you will be happy to know that there are several. Although these movie streaming platforms may not be able to provide you with the same features as Bollyshare, they allow you to stream a movie at your leisure:

  1. Netflix: the most popular movie streaming platform that most uses are aware of and use. This movie streaming platform has thousands o movie titles. They were ranging from Hollywood to Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam titles. You can also view exclusive TV shows and movies on this website, which have been produced by Netflix.
  2. Amazon Prime Video: A Strong contender for Netflix is Amazon Prime Video. Most people opt for this streaming platform since it also provides them with a Prime membership for the Amazon site. This movie streaming platform has a range of titles, and they feature several regional movies as well. You can find English movie titles as well as some exclusive movies and TV shows on this platform as well.
  3. Disney Plus/HotStar: Walt Disney Pictures acquired HotStar last year, and now the app has been transformed into Disney Plus. On this streaming platform, you have movie titles for kids as well as adults! You can not only view old Disney classics and other movie titles by Disney, but you can also watch Star Trek, and Marvel TV shows and movies on this app!
  4. ErosNow: Owned by Eros International Pictures, this streaming platform has all of the movie titles that you could want. It even features some Bollywood titles which you may be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. This s the best platform to help you satisfy all of your Bollywood movie cravings! Additionally, this streaming platform also allows you to be able to view shows from Pakistani TV channels.
  5. Spuul: This is a Singapore based streaming platform which has started its services in India. This platform allows you to watch regional content not only from India but other parts of Asia as well. They have a vast library, and you can gain access to a large number of movie titles even if you do not sign up for the website!
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While these are great streaming services, they do not offer you the ability to download movies and watch them at a later time like Bollyshare. These platforms are, however, completely legal, and you can enjoy a lot of exclusive content on these websites, which you cannot find anywhere else!


Why Should You Opt For Bollyshare?

It is an accessible website because users love the service that it provides. It not only allows you to stream the latest movies for free, but you can also download these movies whenever you want to watch it for free!

Does Bollyshare Have Good Picture Quality?

It has excellent picture quality. They provide users with a lot of options and depending on the internet connection of the user, and they can even enjoy Blu-ray like quality when they are watching a movie on their website.

How Can I Watch Movies On Bollyshare?

Movies on Bollyshare is quite easy! You do not need to sign up for it or opt for any paid membership. On this website, you can watch movies for free just by visiting the website. Once the web page loads, you can click on any mobile title that you want to watch, or you can search for a particular movie title and then watch it without needing to sign up for the website.

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Is Using Bollyshare Safe?

Bollyshare lets you stream pirated content; many people have this question in their mind. All users should note that using Bollyshare is not entirely safe, especially if you do not have a VPN, which can help secure your network connection. Watching pirated content is illegal, and hence, Bollyshare is an illegal website that is banned in India. Hence, it can be taken down at any point, and you may need to use a proxy site to access it. But, whenever you are accessing this website, you should be aware that it is illegal, and that the content that you watch on the website are protected by copyright and Intellectual Property laws. Hence, unless your connection is extremely secure, you may want to avoid using this website as it is not entirely safe for you to visit.


Bollyshare allows you to stream great content whenever you want it. If you wish to watch a classic Bollywood movie or a Hindi-dub version of a popular Hollywood or Punjabi movie, you can find it all here. So, when you have Bollyshare with you, there is no way that you can be bored at home.

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