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Today with the development of Technology, the regulation of the internet has gone viral. People favor watching films online in their homes rather than going to movie theatres or multiplexes.

On the internet, there is an extensive amount of Content like Motion Pictures, videos, and songs are available. These content providers are mainly of two types. The first one is who provides legitimate subscription-based contents, or one has to pay to get access to their contents. The second one is those who offer the same materials for free but in an illegal way. It is called piracy, and the websites that provide these services are called pirated sites.

Bollywoodfilma is one of the best-pirated websites that offer free content like films, Tv shows. Not only Bollywood, but it also provides Punjabi, Hollywood dubbed Motion Pictures, South dubbed movies, etc.

What Is Bollywoodfima?


Bollywoodfilma is a referred website of bollyshare. Being two separate websites, the content they present is the same. Because of boundless trafficking on bollyshare, it has created a second website, which is later named Bollywoodfilma.

They provide or leak the latest motion pictures on their website and allows individuals to download them free of cost. Rather than Motion Pictures, there are many other contents available on this website, like TV shows that were broadcasted earlier.

This website offers content in only Hindi like Bollywood Films; South films Hindi dubbed, Hollywood Hindi dubbed, etc.

It also has an application designed for mobile devices to get access to their contents without any confusion or hesitation.

Google ultimately declines a pirated website to be accessed so that the Primary domain, along with many other several proxy domains of this website, is blocked from access. Whenever Google blocks a domain the next day, they host their website under another individual domain to continue doing their work.


This website has some incredible features that utilize the usage very comfortable for anyone. Some of the main features are provided below,

  • Vast Library:- This website has an extensive collection of Motion pictures in its library. From the latest to the oldest group of movies, TV shows are available on this particular website.
  • Fast Search-Bar:- It features a quick search word that is 99% accurate. If one can find their interested content by the category views, they can directly search it from the search bar located upper front on the website. If the material being examined is available, then it will be shown immediately.
  • Offline Access:-User of this website can download their lovable contains and watch it without internet.
  • Various Quality:- Contents provided in this website are available in many qualities like HD only, full HD or 1080p, HDrip, Blu Ray, 300MB, 400mb, etc.
  • Fast Servers:- On the server, they upload the contents is very fast and can be accessible fastly even with a slower internet connection.
  • Organized View:- To not confuse a visitor, this website categorized its contents and provided a pleasant view.
  • Latest Content:- Latest uploads of any kind of Motion Pictures TV shows are available in personalized views on this website.
  • Application UI:- This website also features an application that provides a comfortable experience of downloading or viewing of the contents.
  • No Sign-In:- Visitors of this website download the content without any sign in or sign up or registration.
  • A Request For Contents:- There is an exclusive feature available on this website. If an individual cannot find the content they are searching for, and They can simply request to add the content on the site by a request tab located in the categories.
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The contents are divided into some categories to organize the massive library.

Below are some examples of the categories,

  • Punjabi Films
  • Hollywood Dubbed in Hindi Motion Pictures
  • Bollywood Cinemas
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Motion Pictures
  • Tv Shows

Best Alternatives

As there can be a situation where the user can’t find specific content from this website.

Aside from Bollywoodfilma, there are many other Pirated services available on the internet, where a large number of contents are relatively accessible in many formats and languages. Some of the websites are described below,


SDmoviespoint is a similar website like bollywoodfilma, which offers various contents in various languages. It assures its availability of all content in at least HD quality.

From Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam to Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, in all the languages, the contents are provided. Not only in HD but various qualities like in 720p, 480p, 360p, and especially for slow internet connection 200mb movies, 300mb movies are also available.

Motion Pictures provided on this website are also available in various formats like MP4, Mkv, MOV, AVI, etc.

This particular website also features a mobile-friendly view for such mobile access to this website. Similarly alleged by piracy, the primary domain of this website is also blocked by google security but can be accessed via several other proxy servers.


Moviescounter is another torrent like a site that stocks in a large number of materials in their content library. It is one of the former of its type.

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In this website, contents like Motion Pictures, web series, TV shows, songs, etc. are available in various quality. It also covers most of the available languages in India like Bengali, Malayalam, Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telegu, etc.

Moton pictures are available in various qualities like 1080p, 4k, 480p, 360p, as well as in different formats and codecs. This site also has a mobile application by which mobile users can easily access the contents from their mobile phones.

It is also blocked from access by Google but can be accessed by using VPN or Proxy servers.


With similarities like bollywoodfilma, this particular website also offers the same content as movies, web series, TV shows, in various languages, and various qualities.

Along with the website, this service also has a custom application by which mobile users can use the service without any hesitation. This popular website also offers its Content in HD, 1080p, 480p, Blu ray, HDRip following in various languages like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.

Like the other pirated website out there, it is also blocked as per security laws by Google. Still, it can also be accessed with virtual servers or several other hosted proxy servers.


Uwatchfree is a popular website for downloading of Bollywood motion pictures and Tv shows. It is nothing different from the others but has quite different techniques to provide free content. One can download as well as can stream in the same quality.

Provided Materials are also available in various languages like Bengali, English, Hindi, etc. and also in many qualities followed by different formats.

This website also features a mobile-friendly view of their website to attract today’s mobile users, which allows the website to redesign in mobile phones to get people out from confusion browsing from mobile.

It is also blocked being pirated and can be accessed through several other proxy domains.


It is another similar website that stocks thousands of motion pictures in a variety of languages. The site claims that it has the most extensive library Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies ever.

Along with Hollywood dubbed movies, this web site offers Bollywood movies also. The materials uploaded are available in various qualities like Blu Ray, 4K, HD, 720p, etc.

This specific website also features and mobile-friendly view as nowadays, most of the users browse through websites in mobile phones.

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Similarly, this pirated website is also blocked by Google, but from its secondary proxy domain, it can be accessible.

Apart from pirated websites, there are also legal alternatives by which anyone can stream or download any movies, TV shows, web series, etc. This type of service is either ad-supportive or subscription-based. Some of the names are provided below,

  • Netflix
  • Sony crunch
  • Hotstar
  • MX Player
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Sony LIV
  • Gomovies
  • Popcornflix
  • Yesmovies


Is Bollywoodfilma Legal?

Ans:- Not. As bollywoodfilma provides contents without owners’ permission. It is restricted to use others’ content without permission cause it will be alleged as piracy, and by the laws, piracy is a condemned unlawful offense.

Is There Any Risk Of Using Bollywoodfilma?

Ans:- Yes. There is some risk of using this kind of pirated website. There can be a virus or threats that can affect your devices. As per law utilizing any type of pirated website is a criminal offense, and if caught red-handed while downloading and using any pirated website, then it can be punished by the law.

Why Does The Primary Domain Of Bollywoodfilma Keep Changing?

Ans:- This kind of pirated website is always violating the security rules of Google so that it keeps blocking this type of website from accessing the internet. But after blocking, the site is being hosted on another secondary proxy domain by which it can be accessed.


Using, downloading or distribution of any kind of pirated content is unlawful malfeasance. As described earlier, piracy means using others’ content without their permission, So that it is strictly prohibited to use this kind of pirated content. If anyone caught red-handed, then they can be punished under the distributive copyright law, which insists on downloading or using any copyrighted material without proper ownership. Even sometimes, the files to be downloaded contains a virus that can affect the devices used.


Aside from the wrong consequences, bollywoodfilma provides excellent performance in terms of pirated websites. What makes it different than this website also has a request tab by which any individual can request any contents that are not provided or found on the site.

This type of website also makes entertainment very less cost-effective as it offers the contents for free. Also, it helps to entertain those kinds of people who can’t afford entertainment purposes as usual.

As the last word, it is to be said that using any of these websites is always not recommended.

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