Boons of Staying Single for Life

If you are in a relationship, then you must be thinking that having a relationship is a boon. You can cuddle with our love, you can go for dating, and you can have someone to console you in your difficult times. However, I also had such a belief until I met one of my old friends who is still single. My friend convinced me about the benefits of being single. Trust me, I am convinced. Once I share with you what my friend told me, I am sure you will also agree with me.

You can have a good night’s sleep. No snoring beside you the whole night.

1. Good night sleep

You get a healthy heart by staying away from heartbreaks. You are an ever happy person.

2. no heart-break

No missed call or SMS will flood your phone. You can keep your phone aside and concentrate on your work.

3. missed-calls

Travel at your whim. No one is there to stop you. You are a free-bird

4. Travelling-Alone

If you love to flirt, then you are in Paradise

5. flirting

You stay trim and fit by doing all the works alone

6. doing all work alone

Loads of time are saved as you don’t need to waste your time in doing romantic chats and texts

A businessman looking at his watch, deadline/due theme

You can have a gala time with your friends

8. spend time with friends

Do whatever your heart wants, nobody will stop you showing red eyes


You can worry less about your financial condition as you don’t need to buy gifts for your love

Collage of financial and business charts and graphs

Nobody will nag in front of you to go to bed timely at night. You can work late hours

11. working late hours

You get plenty of time to start a new hobby, no goggling at you each time you do something new

young girl with photocamera with blue lights in the background

Anything you can do in social media, nobody will ask for your password to track your secret crush

13. secret crush

So what do you think? Should you try for a new relationship if you are single until now? I think staying single for life is a very good option for the people who are still single in their life.


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