Bridge: The Ultimate VR Experince for iPhones by Occipital

Bridge VRAre you an iPhone user waiting for the Cupertino giant to come up with a VR headset? Then your wait is over. Occipital has just released a VR headset, named The Bridge just for Apple iPhones. It is one high-end device that combines an immersive virtual and mixed reality.

What makes bridge so special is the Structure Sensor Technology. Using this, Bridge can actually recreate the 3D environment that you are actually in. Moreover, it can also add virtual digital overlays onto them. Bridge is totally optimized for iPhones, allowing it to render mixed reality experiences at very high frame rates on the current generation of mobile devices.

Built for iPhones

It is to be noted however, that the headset works best when paired with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 can also be paired with the headset too. The Bridge Engine takes input from the Structure sensor’s depth sensing system and the iPhone’s color camera. It mixes the data and adds digital components for breathtaking experiences. It works great on existing VR apps available on the App Store, including 360 degree movies.

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Interface between the real and simulated

Bridge can allow virtual content and characters to merge realistically with real world environments. A virtual character can hide under the kitchen table, or run across a couch. And a virtual ray gun could blow a hole in the living room wall, revealing a portal from the real world to a magic world…or a friend’s house halfway around the world,” said Adam Rodnitzky, Occipital VP for Marketing.

Tech Specs

Bridge is powered by iOS9+. It has a resolution of 640×480 and 60Hz refresh rate. There is a PMMA Optical Grade Acrylic lens. The device will hit the markets in 2017 with a price tag of $399. There is a limited quantity of Explorer edition that can be had 16th December onwards at $499.

Watch the Preview Here:
Source: GameNGuide


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