Bruce Willis Net Worth 2020 – Houses, cars

About Bruce Willis  

Bruce Willis is widely known for his role as John McClane in the superhit movie franchise Diehard. Ever since the role catapulted him to fame, he has been known as an action hero. But he has also played many dramatic and gritty roles. Apart from the diehard movie series, he has starred in pulp fiction, the fifth element, 12 monkeys, the Expendables 2, the sixth sense, mercury rising, and many more. The 65-year-old actor’s last movie was glass which released last year to a lukewarm response. The actor was born in idar-oberstein, which is in Germany and then moved to the US with his parents when he was two years old.

His mother is German while his father is American. He grew up in New Jersey. The actor started off with minor roles in off-Broadway productions and then landed his first lead role in a TV series called moonlight in the 1980s. The role got him recognition, and he soon started receiving offers to star in Hollywood projects. He became a Hollywood Star soon after and is one of the top stars that Hollywood has produced. He got a star to his name on the Hollywood walk of fame in the year 2006. He has won many prestigious awards for his roles from golden globes to Primetime Emmy awards.

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Apart from that he is also a singer and has since produced 3 albums. He recently made his Broadway debut with the stage adaptation of Stephen king’s popular novel misery.

Bruce Willis net worth  


Bruce Willis is undoubtedly one of the richest actors in the world. Over his long career, he has starred in almost 70 films, and almost all of them have been super hits. The biggest hit of his career died hard, earning him 5 million dollars at the time when it was considered a lot of money. His biggest paycheck came from the sixth movie sense, which earned him 14 million dollars. He also took a share in the film profits so in all total it is speculated that he earned about 100 million dollars from the movie alone. His total net worth stands around a whopping 200 million dollars. He paid 90 million dollars alimony to his ex-wife Demi Moore when the couple separated after 13 years.

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Bruce Willis houses

Bruce Willis owns several properties. He lives with his family in his Bedford, NY mansion which sits on 14 acres of land and is 1800 square feet long. The mansion has an open patio with sitting adjustments and a pool at the back of the house. The mansion has an open, airy kitchen and also a cellar where you can store all your wine glasses. The view from the house is splendid. He also owns another estate island mansion which is up for sale for 33, million dollars. He previously owned a Manhattan condo which he sold for 17.75 million dollars.

Bruce Willis cars 

Bruce Willis owns several luxury cars – 1968 dodge charger, 1968 Pontiac firebird 400, 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, 1968 Shelby GT500, and 1988 Lincoln limousine.

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