Buying OnePlus 3 on Flipkart: All You Need to Know

Flipkart known for all their crazy deals with the Big Billion Day sales that will be up and running till December 21st. One of the major highlights of the Big Billion Day sale was the OnePlus 3 smartphone, which apparently was an Amazon exclusive. Days before the flash sale from Flipkart, the online store started advertising the OnePlus 3 with a price tag of Rs 18,999 whereas in Amazon, it sells at Rs 27,999. At present, Flipkart has listed the device as “Out of Stock”, but if you are willing to purchase the phone from Flipkart, here is what you need to know.

 OnePlus 3 on flipkart

It is an Amazon Exclusive

The company has clearly stated that the device is an Amazon Exclusive device. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei in a tweet tagged Flipkart’s Executive Chairman Sachin Bansal, and said the company has an exclusive tie-up with Amazon India. The tweet reads,

“.@_sachinbansal brother, what’s this? We’re exclusive with @amazonIN”

Following this, the tweet, the company also released a press statement reiterating the fact that they are partnered with Amazon and encouraged people to buy it from Amazon only. Flipkart listed that OnePlus 3 was limited in stocks. So, it is not known how many phones were sold in this flash sale, or whether they were sold at all or not.

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After Sales and Warranty

If you ever need to get your OnePlus 3 repaired, you will need to first provide the invoice of the phone to the service center. Chances are that if they see a bill that is not from Amazon, they will not honor the warranty.

The OnePlus 3 page on Flipkart does show a 1 year warranty, but it may be a seller warranty and not a company warranty.

Return Policies

Usually Amazon is more hassle-free when it comes to returning items. Flipkart is usually a bit slow to make replacements or refunds. But, in case of OnePlus 3, you can be sure that Amazon’s return policies will be better any day than that of Flipkart, since the manufacturer has partnered with the online re-seller.

No point in Buying the OnePlus 3 Now

The smartphone, which was released just six months back is now overshadowed by a new release from the company – the OnePlus 3T. It comes with marginally better performance with a similar price tag. So, if you saved up for OnePlus 3 in the first place, you may save up a little more to get the OnePlus 3T. Also, if you plan to get the OnePlus 3 from Flipkart (out of stock at the time of writing this article), you will have to understand that you may have to make some compromises.

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Source: The Financial Express, The Indian Express


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