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10 Great Games for long journeys

Killing time while being stuck in your seat on the train, plane or a bus can be really boring. Unless you are travelling with interesting co-passengers, having a good time waster game on your phone can be quite an essential requirement. Book and TV shows or movies may be good,...

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Bollywood Stars Who Leaped With a Struggle

Have you ever thought that your favorite Bollywood actor or actress always had everything, from looks and money to fame and fans? The story isn’t always what it is painted to be. Many famous  Bollywood directors have started off by cleaning tables and being assistants. Even the superstar Rajnikanth, the...


20 Most Powerful Movies of Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan has a number of fans, where no one in the Indian Cinema can beat as yet. People who have grown up seeing his charismatic performances have fallen in love with him, and he is still growing, gaining more followers by the second. Saat Hindustani (1969): This film is...


Least Educated Bollywood Celebs

Education is way too important for all of us, and it definitely plays a crucial role in our lives. You must have heard that success comes only with good education and qualification. But for our big bad world of B-town, the rules are bent of course. In our most loved...

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50 Interesting Facts about Christmas Day

Christmas Day has a special significance in everybody’s life. Festive cheer is the only word around, in the month of December. Here are 50 Interesting facts about Christmas that are going to blow your mind: 1. The guerrilla marketing situation: The Columbian Government won over the hearts of terrorists and...

10 Scandalous Women in History

10 Scandalous Women in History

Adultery! Promiscuity! Debauchery! These are the words that are spicy enough to stir our daily lives. We are always curious to know what’s cooking on other people’s lives -whom she/he is dating or sleeping around – or to be precisely about their personal issues. One may disagree, but it is...