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NASA is Hiring a Planetary Protection Officer to Protect us from Aliens

NASA just announced a new vacancy for the position of a planetary protection officer. The job advertisement was posted on US government official website and was open to US Nationals. Those who are really interested can apply until August 14th. Good job also comes with a 6-figure salary. A 3-year...


NASA finds TRAPPIST-1 planetary system with 7 Earth Like Planets

Astronomers at NASA found a solar system that has seven earth like planets. Three of the planets, being in the “Goldilocks’s zone”  can potentially have water and therefore may harbor life. NASA announced the details of this great find on the last Wednesday after looking at the star TRAPPIST-1 for...


ISRO sets eyes on Venus, may partner with NASA

India is planning to impress the world by visiting Venus for the first time and will revisit the red planet again. The plans for another visit to the red planet was revealed a few months back. However, the visit to Venus was first noticed buried deep within the electronic budget...