Celebrate World Backup Day by backing up your important data

World Backup DayEstablished in 2011 and celebrated right before April Fool’s day, the World backup day reminds us that prevention is better than cure. The main aim of the day is to make people more aware about creating backups so that the organization does not suffer. This is also equally important for home users.

Data loss in not a question of “if”, it is merely a question of “when”. Data on hard drives are not perpetual. They will not exist forever. Maybe the need for the data in the long run will no longer exist, but no stored data is meant to last forever. Hence the idea is to back up.

Backing up is more affordable than ever.

This is simply because storage has never been cheaper and computer storage costs will always decrease anyways. Organizations now can invest more in data storage hardware to make data backups. Home users can buy extra hard drives or Network Attached Storage drives to back up family photos and videos.

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Backup needs planning

Research found that in an organization, 41% of the backed up files were not modified in the past 3 years. This makes 41% of the back up redundant. In case of a 10PB storage environment, it would cost in the region of $20.5 million per year to manage and retain that 41% stale, redundant data.

Again, this is also true for home users. Often people end up backing up program files along with program data.

Cloud Backup is a Good Idea

Backing up elsewhere is a good idea as long as the backup service is good. You need to know how fast you can get the data back, how secure the backups will be and how long you can retain the data when you opt for storing your organization’s data on the cloud. Home users can take advantage of putting their files on multiple free cloud storage service at a little or no cost.

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Source: Dataquest

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