CES 2017: Is this the year of the Smart Home?

Every year, CES never fails to amaze us. Besides bringing in new tech to the party, the show also showcases some of the important trends of the industry – something that gives direction to both the consumers and the companies. With IoT or Internet of Technology on the rise, we are seeing more finished and more connected products this year. Yes, smartphones, tablets, and PCs are in the center of the stage, but in CES 2017, a lot of other gadgets to make a smarter home has got a lot of attention.

IoT: A Fragmented Industry

One of the most critical issues regarding IoT is fragmentation. Some would disagree and say that security of IoT is another issue, but fragmentation is a more severe issue. Even if you buy multiple smart gadgets, you cannot make sure that all of them will talk to each other. So, it you add a new device to your home, you do not know if it will work with the others, or when one gadget will be phased out in favor of a newer one. Consumers simply do not know what to get when it comes to making a smart home. This is what companies are trying to address to in CES 2017.

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This Year’s Focus: Educating Consumers

With the higher availability of smart gadgets for home at lower prices, consumers are slowly buying them. Smart fridges, televisions, thermostats, or doorbells are being bought. So, now is the best time to educate the consumers, tell them about security of these devices and how to integrate them to create a smart home. In CES 2017, manufacturers are coming forward with more user friendly devices and with better implementation of artificial intelligence.

With Microsoft, Amazon and Google’s effort, voice commands have now become very common and home hubs are now allowing consumers to easily connect multiple devices to each other via a middle man. Smart homes will, in future, connect to smart cars, so when you drive away, the thermostat will turn down.

They predict at least 130 million smart home devices will be shipped worldwide this year.

Source: CNBC

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