How to change the language in WhatsApp?

People have been more into the social media lately. Previously, people did not have much access to cell phones or the internet. They used to go out and interact with the outside world. But at present, people are busy managing their life schedules and earning a decent living. WhatsApp is one of those special applications available on the internet, which enables people to communicate with one another through the web at ease. To know more about this app, read the article further.

Use of WhatsApp

All the people can’t be in touch with their near and dear ones all the time. Each one of the people in this world of billions of population is busy in their daily life in one way or the other. You somehow have to figure out ways to stay in contact with your close ones. Among various social media sites and apps throughout the internet, WhatsApp is one of the most popular ones among the population. It is one of those apps which help a person know another closely. It does not provide you the facility to know the bios and details of a person, unlike Facebook, but it surely lets the user see a person with keen observation and a lot of conversation. You would not only see the bio of the person, but you would be able to find out or discover the real person behind the social butterfly tag via WhatsApp.

What are the Features of WhatApp?

Every app on the internet comes with several features which mainly attracts people towards it. Similarly, WhatsApp even comes with a few features which turn out to be the best to more than half of the population in the world. The most beautiful feature of WhatsApp is that it helps you connect to the rest of the world at ease. Besides communication facilities, the app has got a lot more features. The following are the distinctive features of WhatsApp:

  • Easy layout: WhatsApp has reached every corner of the world. You might be able to find out through a census from the rich to the poor; everyone has got access to this app on the internet. One of the reasons behind this massive number of the user base of WhatsApp is the straightforward layout. WhatsApp comes with unbelievable easy icons. Not everyone in this world gets access to education properly. Even people without much training and knowledge can quickly figure out the structure base of WhatsApp.
  • Chat Arrangements: you might face problems in figuring out the recent people you have had a chat with. Well, the days of your concerns would end as soon as you install WhatsApp on your cell phone. The chat arrangement in WhatsApp is another thing that might attract people towards it. WhatsApp arranges your chat boxes according to your recent activities online. The person you talk with recently would come in the list of chat boxes first. The people with whom you do not speak much go down the list eventually.
  • Statuses: one of the most significant features of WhatsApp is that it comes with the facility of sharing conditions. Each one of the people has different thoughts in their minds with varying points of view on one subject. It is not an easy task to go up to your friends and tell them about your point of view and thoughts every time. Brains are never without thoughts. If you have a mind, you have an idea. So WhatsApp helps out the users with the status system. You can share your opinions with all your contacts once in all, just with the help of one status update.
  • Sharing point of view: you must be thinking by now what you would do by updating statuses if nobody would raise a topic on it. Well, WhatsApp provides the users the facility of directly replying to the conditions of a person. If you update many statuses on WhatsApp at a time, people would respond to you directly in your inbox on regard to one of your statuses if they like it. This way, you could share thoughts, exchange ideas, and even discuss various topics at ease.
  • Communication: WhatsApp not only lets you communicate with your near and dear ones via text messages only, but it also provides you the facility to have a voice call or video call conversation via WhatsApp. Calls are way more effective than online messages for knowing a person properly.
  • Group facilities: WhatsApp gives you the option of creating groups with whatever icons or names you want. You have the liberty to add or remove any of your contacts anytime you want from the group. You can text, have fun, exchange photos, music, videos, links, and even documents in these WhatsApp groups. A WhatsApp group can be of various types. Some people have office WhatsApp groups for convenience and understanding among colleagues. Some people have got WhatsApp groups of friends. People can extend their friendships and know each other in the best way possible through WhatsApp groups. There exist even WhatsApp groups of families. Such WhatsApp groups help in keeping family members and relatives in contact.
  • Privacy: when it comes to your privacy concerns in WhatsApp, you might be amazed to know that no other app on the internet provides with so many options regarding your privacy on the app. You can set your last seen privacy to one of the three options, ‘everyone,’ ‘my contacts,’ and ‘nobody.’ In the first option, every other person who would save your contact would be able to see your last seen on WhatsApp. In the second one, only your contacts would be able to see your update in last seen and in the last one neither you nor can they reach out for each other’s last seen on WhatsApp. Besides last seen, many different privacy settings are available on WhatsApp including, profile photo privacy, privacy, status privacy, message reading privacy, and group privacy too.
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Some more features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the number one app on the internet at present. The features of the app do not stay bound within the few above settings. It has got a vast world of features on the internet, which enables you to use the app. The following are the extra amazing features on WhatsApp:

  • Live location facilities: WhatsApp might act as a live saver, too, at times. It comes with the facilities of sharing live locations. If you have to travel somewhere risky or unsafe, you can select a few contacts, who would get your live location online consistently. This would ensure your safety.
  • Blocking facilities: if someone in your WhatsApp chat list has been disturbing you or being a threat to your life constantly, you can block that person immediately from your WhatsApp at ease. Once blocked, the person would not be able to see any of your details online on the app.
  • Group settings: there are times when you get added to random groups on WhatsApp. You might feel uncomfortable at those times. You can stop that from happening over and over again with just one simple step. You have to change your group settings to your contacts or nobody so that not everyone can add you to random groups online with random people whom you do not know at all.
  • Fingerprint: if you enable the fingerprint button from privacy settings once, you would be able to unlock your WhatsApp account only with your fingerprint sensor. This button would confirm your safety and privacy on the internet. Not everybody would be able to read your chats from WhatsApp.
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Besides these settings, you can delete your WhatsApp account or change your number anytime you want.

How to change the language in Whatsapp?


WhatsApp comes with a unique facility where you can change your language anytime you want for convenience. WhatsApp does not wish to a mere language to act as a barrier to you. Language should never keep you from communicating with others on social media like that of WhatsApp. So here are a few simple steps which you have to follow to change the default English language in WhatsApp to your suitable language:

  • You have to open your WhatsApp account and click on the three dots present in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then you have to select settings.
  • You have to click on the settings of the chat.
  • There you would be able to find the ‘App Language’ option.
  • Select your preferable App language from the list of languages available.
  • After saving the preferable language, you would be able to use your WhatsApp in that language easily.
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The languages available in the app language option vary according to the presence of different languages in your country. If you want to set any other language apart from the languages present in the app language options, you have to use your android or iPhone settings. There you can select your preferred language from languages and input options.

Besides language settings and privacy concerns, WhatsApp even provides you with many other facilities like the WhatsApp web, chats backup, notification settings, and a help option where you can ask for any possible help from WhatsApp. In the chats option, you can select your preferred text font style and size. You can even set up wallpapers behind your chat screen. There are options for chat backup and chat history present too. You can also limit your data usage and notification sounds from WhatsApp. It is a fantastic app on the internet, which comes with a wide range of facilities and features for the users.

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