Climate Emergency: Arctic Experiences a Hot Flash

arctic-sea-iceSome areas of the Arctic Oceans have heated up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above the average temperature. This level of warmth is extreme – higher than anything that has been recorded previously.

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus has tweeted, calling it a climate emergency. As of Thursday, the temperature at the North Pole  was 36ºF or 20°C above normal temperatures. This is speeding up the melting of polar ice caps. A lot of other meteorologists have also tweeted about the anomaly.


Humans are to blame, again.

This is definitely triggered by man-made climate change. Washington Post has elaborated on this matter. According to them it is caused by a elongated jet stream propelling hot air towards the north abnormally.

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Jennifer Francis, an Arctic specialist at Rutgers University, said that it is being caused by the combination of a record-low thin ice and hot air being propelled more towards the north.

Another culprit is the increasing warmth of the ocean waters. Ocean surface temperatures are unusually hot this year. While the United Nations climate conference took place in Morocco, such a frightening Artic weather condition took place. Environmentalists and climate scientists are now looking at US, as the president-elect denies existence of climate change.  As days pass, climate all over planet Earth is becoming more and more unpredictable. Experts have warned that things are not at all looking good.

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