Coronavirus: A Fatal Disease All Over The World

Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and lots of people are panicking about it. We are here to give you exact information about the virus. Take this as a complete guide to learn everything about the virus from causing to prevention to symptoms, precautions, and advice.

What exactly is COVID – 19?

Coronavirus is the type of virus that affects the respiratory tracts of the mammal, birds, and humans. There are some coronaviruses that cause illness, which is similar to the common cold. Still, the other Coronavirus causes some severe diseases such as SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome and the MERS or Middle East respiratory syndrome. The COVID-19 or Novel coronaviruses were first detected in the Wuhan city of China around December 2019. After that case, the COVID-19 is spreading widely around China and in every other country. Till now also the Corona Virus is not learned correctly, there is something which has to be learned more, and the investigations are ongoing in process. The situation is getting bigger and bigger rapidly.


How Did CoronaVirus or COVID-19 Spread? 

The experts are doing the investigation on COVID-19 had found how the virus spreads. In general, it has been known that when a person sneezes, the coronaviruses are spread through the droplets which are sent through the air. The Coronavirus can easily be spread in the communities from one person to person and through the contact with the surfaces which have germs in them. You must not take any causality while you are getting any kind of symptoms of CORONA.

You might have a question in your mind that “can the coronavirus be affected by the person who has no symptoms”? Then you must know about how the COVID-19 spreads. This disease spreads through the respiratory droplets, which are expelled while coughing. The risk of affecting the person of no symptoms is shallow. But there are most of the people who experience mild symptoms at the beginning stage and can grow to a moderate stage afterward, which will make you seriously ill.

Is COVID-19 dangerous for children?

The experts are learning about the Coronavirus or Covid-19, so that’s why the information is not transferred correctly. There are fewer cases in the Coronavirus are reported in children. Most of them have the infection transferred from someone who lives in their family. The virus has seemed to affect mostly older people and adults. If you see any coronavirus symptoms in children like cough, fever, or any kind of flu-like substance, then you must hurry to inform the doctor. You must mention that the COVID-19 victim was living near you or not. If you have traveled a lot of places during the COVID-19, then also you must mention it to the doctor.

You have to make sure that your children have got all the vaccinations. You must protect them from the illness such as flu and measles. This will help them to keep safe in the doctor’s office or hospital where they could get in contact with germs, which also includes the Coronavirus. These are the coronavirus kids’ symptoms and measures that you must not ignore in any matter. You must know the fact that the children might get a harder time recovering from the Coronavirus, so don’t be late for getting a flu shot.

Symptoms of corona virus or COVID-19

You must have been curiously searching about what coronavirus symptoms are? Or you must have been searching how coronavirus symptoms start? You will get each and every detail about the Coronavirus in this article. You will know about the signs of the Coronavirus and what are the measures you have to take it. Let’s have a look in the coronavirus symptoms checker: –

  • The common symptoms if the COVID-19 is tiredness, dry cough, and fever.
  • You might have pains, aches, runny nose, nasal congestion, diarrhea, or sore throat.
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These symptoms are usually happening in the beginning. But, there are some people who become infected but do not develop any kind of signs and also do not feel unwell. These can be the infection of the Coronavirus without symptoms. With all the symptoms, most of the person gets treated without getting special treatment, but there are very possibilities of getting affected by a coronavirus, which will make you seriously ill and will develop the difficulty in breathing.

The Coronavirus affects mostly older people because of their medical problems like heart problems, high blood pressure, or diabetes. These medical problems are likely to develop severe illness. People with cough, fever are having difficulty breathing, which seeks medical attention.

How can you protect yourself from COVID – 19 or coronavirus?

You must stay aware of all the measurements which you have to take during the coronavirus symptoms. There are some points which you need to consider for avoiding the risk of Coronavirus in nature. Here are some measures and the reason for taking steps to protect you. Lets’ just have a look in precautions which you must take down: –

  • Cleaning Of Hands: – You must clean your side regularly and thoroughly with the alcohol-based hand rub, or you must wash them with the water and soap.
  • Reason: – If you wash your hands regularly with the water and soap or by using the alcohol hand rubs, then it will help you to clean out the viruses which might be lying in your hand.
  • Maintain The Distance: – You must mention the distance of at least 1 meter between yourself or from anyone who is sneezing or coughing.
  • Reason: – When a person sneezes, the coronaviruses are spread through the droplets from the mouth or noses, which are sent through the air might contain the virus, and this is a coronavirus mild symptoms. If you get too close to the person who sneezes, then you can breathe down the droplets, which might include the COVID-19 disease.
  • Avoid Touching: – You must avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth.
  • Reason: – Your hands are touching many all-around surfaces and have high chances of picking up the viruses. Once the infection is contaminated and if your hands came into contact with mouth, eyes, or nose, then the virus can enter your body, which can give you illness and can raise the Coronavirus early symptoms in your body.
  • Stay In The Hygienic Environment: – You must make sure that you and the person who is you around must follow the hygiene of proper respiratory. You must cover your mouth by your bent elbow so that the tissues which came out will be destroyed immediately.
  • Reason: – the reason behind this is the droplets are the reason for spreading the virus. If you follow the hygiene of proper respiratory, then you can save yourself as well as the person who is around you. It will prevent you flow the cold, flu and will stop to arise the coronavirus symptoms. 
  • Staying At Home: – You must remain at home if you feel unwell. If you are feeling that the coronavirus fever symptoms or coronavirus cough symptoms are arising inside of you, then you must stay at home. If you are getting Coronavirus runny nose symptoms, then you must take a piece of medical advice and call up in corona helpline. You must follow the directions of your local adviser of the health authority.
  • Reason: – The local health authorities of the national health authorities are most up to date in this situation. They know much more than you in terms of this situation. You must call the health provider for quickly getting the directions of getting you in the right facility. It will help you to protect yourself as well as you will help to stop the spreading of viruses and other infections.
  • Self-Isolate: – If you feel unwell and getting the symptoms of coronavirus headache and low fever, which is 37.3c or more than that and a slight coronavirus runny nose, then you must self-isolate yourself by staying at home until you get recovered. If you need an essential food item, then you must go outside by wearing a mask without affecting any other person out there.
  • Reason: – Avoiding contact with the other persons and visiting the medical will help you to operate it more effectively and will also help you to protect from the possibility of Coronavirus.
  • Take Medical Advice: – If you are having coronavirus cough symptoms, then you must seek medical information much more quickly because it might be because of respiratory infection or any kind of serious illness. Call your doctor as early as possible, and it will also help you to direct you for the facility of the right health care. You must mention your transportation and where have you been while having the symptoms.
  • Reason: – Calling early will provide you the best health care as soon as possible, and if you inform them first, then you will get a possibility of not getting it dangerous. It will help you to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.
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Coronavirus or flu symptoms

 The COVID-19 and the flu both are the illness which is caused by the new virus known as Coronavirus. Both diseases are the illness of respiratory. But the symptoms of COVID-19 and flu are kindly looked to the similar as per symptoms. But actually, they are caused by different viruses. Let’s check out the similarities and the differences between the COVID-19 and the flu. It will help you to differentiate that you are a victim of coronavirus or flu symptoms. Here are some similarities and the differences between signs and their treatments.

Similarities of symptoms:

  • It can be mild at first, and then it can cause severe conditions and also even can be worse in some rare cases.
  • Both the illness will cause your cough, fever, fatigue, and body aches. Sometimes diarrhea and vomiting can be caused.
  • It also might result in pneumonia.


  • Both illnesses can be spread through person to person and can affect the person and can easily be spread in the communities from one person to person and through the contact with the surfaces which have germs in them.
  • The infected person can spread both the illness for the days before getting any sort of symptoms.


  • Both viruses are not treated by any kind of antibiotics and also work in the infections of bacterial.
  • Both diseases are treated by addressing the symptoms, such as reducing the fever. But, in the case of a severe issue, it will require the hospitalizations and also support in terms of mechanical ventilation.


You must clean your hand regularly and thoroughly with the alcohol-based hand rub, or you must wash them with the water and soap. If you wash your hands frequently with the water and soap or by using the alcohol hand rubs, then it will help you to clean out the viruses which might be lying in your hand. Social distasting will also help you to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Differences – Flu v/s Coronavirus

Cause of COVID-19: – It is caused by only one virus named as the novel coronavirus 2019, it is also called as the severe acute respiratory. Now it is called the respiratory syndrome or SARS – COV-2.

Cause of flu: – It is caused by several different types and also the strains of the influenza viruses.


The transmission of both illnesses is the same as it is mentioned above, and there are slight differences in Coronavirus, which spreads through the route of airborne. It means that the tiny droplets which are remaining in the air which can cause the disease in the others, which is after the person who is no longer near.

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COVID-19: – The medications and the other therapies which are currently being tested for seeing if the symptoms can be addressed.

FLU: – The medication of antiviral can be addressed through the symptoms, and also sometimes they can shorten through the duration of the illness.


COVID-19: – Apparently, there are no such vaccinations introduced at the point of time, but it is in the progress of finding such antidotes.

Flu: – The vaccine for influenza is available and also much more useful for the prevention of some dangerous types for reducing the severity of the flu.

These are some similarities and the difference so that you could determine between coronavirus v/s flu symptoms and the causes. You must contact the doctor as soon as possible in both cases. As it is mentioned earlier also that it can be mild at the starting of the symptoms, but it can hamper you a lot afterward if you do not get proper medications.

Does wearing a mask protect one from the Coronavirus? 

According to WHO, you will have to wear a mask if you are ill with the symptoms of COVID-19, especially if you are coughing. If at that point in time, you do not wear a mask, then it will spread rapidly and affects the other persons and will increase the coronavirus symptoms day by day. You must know that the disposable masks can use once. If you are not an ill person, if you are not looking too sick person, then wearing a mask will be wastage. You must use the masks wisely because there is a shortage of masks in the whole world-wide.

The most effective way to prevent yourself from the Coronavirus in washing your hand with the alcohol content hand rubs frequently and covers your cough by the end of the elbow. You should maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from the person who is sneezing or coughing.

Can the Coronavirus be infected from the animals? 

The Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that are commonly found in animals. A person gets affected by the infections which are spread to many persons. The MERS-COV is associated with the dromedary camels and the civet cats. But the cases of COVID-19 are not yet confirmed. For protecting yourself from this, you must not get into direct contact with the animals, or you should not touch the surface of contact with animals.

Things which is not to be done

There is something that is not effective for the COVID-19 and also can be harmful to you. Let’s look at the things which you must not do: –

  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not wear multiple masks
  • Do not take any kind of antibiotics, because there are no such antibiotics are produced for the COVID-19.
  • Do not engage in mass groups.
  • Do not shake hands with anyone and do not get in contact with anyone.
  • Do not waste masks, because there is a shortage for needs.

And the last but not the least, be hygienic.


Coronaviruses are the types of viruses that affect the respiratory tracts of the mammal, birds, and humans. If you are having coronavirus cough symptoms, then you must seek medical advice much more quickly because it might be because of respiratory infection or any kind of serious illness. Call your doctor as early as possible, and it will also help you to direct you for the facility of the right health care. Do not take things lightly. STAY SAFE AND KEEP SAFE.

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