Creative Writing Tips- I

Waiting for the creative bug to bite you? For all, you know you may end up chewing the whole pen before that magical stroke of luck!

Follow these three simple exercises to give wings (oops, pen) to the Shelley in you:

  1. Read more: Reading does not make you creative but it does build the vocabulary that allows you to express the thought stuck in your stomach. Read up books, magazines, product information, newspaper clips, articles anything you can lay your hands on. It sure helps!
  2. Routine: Etch out a schedule from your busy day when you must sit with the pen-paper or your tab to write. You may feel constipated initially. Don’t worry the flow is better with habit.
  3. Don’t ignore: Has it occurred to you that thought strikes you when you are cooking or over the morning coffee or on the way to the office? Don’t ignore such thoughts. Scribble them down somewhere even if it is on your mobile phone notes. You may lose these thoughts later.
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Start today..happy writing!

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