Creative Writing Tips- II

Hello everyone,

Have you been wanting to write down that beautiful thought of yours and have been struggling? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Yes, it happens even to the greatest of writers. It’s called a writer’s block.

What should you do when it happens? Here’s what:

  • Involve yourself in a puzzle or a card game or a book. Something which gtabs your focus away from the block.
  • Take a walk or a stroll to clear your mind
  • Write down just the gist of your thought. It could even be a cluster of words with some or no sequence. But it should be able to make sense to you later, should you forget your thought.
  • Research always helps. When your mind is not so shrouded with thoughts, try to search for similar content in books or other sources. Analysis of the way the thought has been expressed. Is it expressed directly, through an analogy, a correlation, a metaphor, a sarcasm? What creates a better effect? Suit yourself.
  • If the block lasts for long, try to write something else, something simpler like your journal maybe.
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Hope this helps you to get words worth your thoughts. Pun intended. Happy writing to you.

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