Creative Writing Tips – III

Hello there,

Hope your writing exercises are going great. By the way, have you asked yourself this question, “why am I writing?” The probable answers to that could be – for myself (a journal), to help release my pent up emotions (an exercise for the mind), for the editor (an article), for the publisher (a short story), for money (a report), for a competition (a poem), for fame (a novel). These are just examples. It could be anything.

Apart from the first two categories, all the others are meant for some sort of readers, aren’t they? Unless of course, your journal is like Anne Frank’s Diary which the whole world reads. What I’m trying to emphasize here is the importance of the readers.

  • If you are writing for a group of readers, know your ‘target audience’ well. What they like, what they don’t.
  • Customize your writing to cater to their tastes. You cannot be writing gore and expletives if your readers belong to the ‘young adult’ category.
  • Why is your reader reading your piece? What is their objective? To judge your writing, for pleasure, for educational purposes, to gather information? Your writing should be able to feed their requirements.
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If you are not sure, who your reader is; find out and start your work from there. It definitely helps your writing to get acceptance.

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