Creative Writing Tips – IV

Hello once again,

Have you found your Achilles heel everytime you get stuck while writing? So what brings about that nemesis? Is it your own caliber, your focus, your energy or your vocabulary?

Sometimes it is just the lack of expressions. Believe it or not, every writer has an uncanny ability to judge his or her work. And after writing for long, sometimes we miss those crests and troughs and it just falls flat. When we reach that dreaded flatland, devoid of expressions, we know we aren’t doing a great job.

Figures of speech can help you to get out of that situation. Believe you me, they are just the manna from heaven. Look at what I just wrote. If I didn’t use the metaphor “manna from heaven”, what could I have possibly written? “Believe you me, they are a provider of great help when needed!” Eww! That sounds awful.

These little gems star studs your writing into a brilliant piece. Often, a thought is much better expressed with the aid of a figure of speech than with a cluster of words.

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To give an example, “There was too much silence” sounds much better when you write, “The silence was too loud”. An oxymoron.

I hope you do a great job of picking the best ones for your writing. All the best!

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