Creative writing tips – IX

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Have you finished writing that article and planning to send it to a publisher? Hold on. Are you absolutely sure that there are no mistakes? How many times have you revised it?

Finishing up a piece makes us feel elated with our achievement. But remember, once you have sent your work to a publisher there is no way to edit that glaring error which stares back at you when you read your piece.

How about giving your work a good revision before this blasphemy actually happens? Revision for grammar and spell check is not very difficult given today’s age of available tools that do a spell check for you. But the difficulty comes in revising the content. There could be parts of your idea or story inside your head but not on the write-up. So, when you revise you think that it’s there. But your readers find it amiss. The challenge is in being able to read and reread your work afresh, as though you are your reader and you are reading this for the first time.

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Follow this for a thorough and unbiased revision before submitting your answer sheet, oops writing.

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