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Often when people ask an aspiring writer what they see themselves as, they say, “I see myself as the next J.K Rowling”. Phenomenal, isn’t it? If the world produced too many J.K Rowling’s?

Actually it’s not. The world can accomodate only one J.K Rowling, one Enid Blyton, one Agatha Christie. Thanks to social media, we all know the story of Ms. Rowling’s struggles in her initial days of writing. It’s not too difficult to identify your own struggle with her. But that’s about it. Identify only your struggle. Do not make your voice identical to hers or you will fail miserably as a competition.

Find your own voice. Nobody wants to read Shakespearian work in Keats or Tolstoy’s work in V.S Naipaul. They are masters on their own and their masterpieces are unique. The writers are unique because people appreciate their styles as unmatched.

It is also very difficult to continue in a style that is not yours. You may start but you will begin to feel lost midway. That’s why it is important to know what is your voice, what do you want to convey to your audience, what is your style of writing? These things must belong to you intrinsically and not acquired.

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Trust me, the pleasure of writing is even more when you are yourself while writing. Go for it, Mr. Writer!

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