Creative writing tips – VI

Hello everyone,

How is your writing exercises going? I’m sure, great. And why not? After all, your research so sincerely before or during writing. Wait a minute, do you?

Did you know that 95% of all forms of contemporary literature is based on thorough research? And yes, this includes fiction too. If you read the works of Amitabh Ghosh, for example, you would know, how much of research even fictional writing requires. That doesn’t mean that nobody writes about feelings and emotions. Even then, studying the works of other writers of that genre always helps.

Research not only provides you with facts and figures, but it also helps you build the content of your writing on a more realistic structure. Consider this, what you write from what’s within you is the outpour from the content of a deep well. But you need to replenish the well from time to time to stop it from drying up. Reading or research helps you to do just that.

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All those writers who seem to provide all kinds of tips on various subjects from personal experiences are voracious readers too. That includes me as well!

Happy reading everyone.

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