Creative writing tips – VII

Hello again,

My venerable quill purposively pours forth locution shrouded in obscurity, such that its desirability is borne aloft to pedagogical significance.

What was that? Did you understand? If you didn’t, this is what it meant, “My pen deliberately writes obscure content, to elevate the worth of what I wrote!”

Is that how it works? Absolutely not. For all you know, a book or a piece which no one understands will not be read at all. No one will raise it to a pedestal and worship.

Moreover, the chances of making mistakes – grammatical or syntactical are higher if you force things to appear more complicated than they really should be.

Inspite of the popular belief, please understand this: simplicity is not shallow. Infact, it is an art called being articulate. You should be able to communicate clearly to your readers without confusing them. At the same time ensure that the essence of your message in captured. If a complex piece has no message to communicate then it is shallow and verbose.

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Refrain from errors and unnecessary complexity. Stay simple and clear. The difficulty level of words used is not the only measure of assessing worth in a writing.

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